Bali, Jul '11

Very special trip to Bali & Lombok for some kind of ceremony, celebration then relaxation.

Catching up with family and friends and various official duties made the start of this trip very busy. An amazing trek across Mount Rinjani was pretty tough.

Finally, after all that we had a few days to relax in style and come back home refreshed.

All in all an amazing trip!

On a related note... the official wedding pictures.


The obligatory 'just killing time at the airport' shots...


Villa Seminyak Estate. Free upgrade to a private villa with pool. Niiiice smile


A brief respite from the crazy schedule of the day: Lunch at Made's Warung, Seminyak. Very nice!


Broken clippers at home meant this barbershop visit had to be squeezed in. $1 with real cut throat clean up. Bargain!


Pratiwi seeing what it's like to be pampered. Strange as it might seem, in readiness for a trip to the beach!


Gusde busy taking official 'pre-wedding' shots this afternoon. Nice work if you can get it wink


The sunset wasn't so bad, either! We left the photographers sipping beer in the bar by this beach - lucky buggers! wink


Dinner with the girls at Menega Cafe, Jimbaran beach. Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


Enjoying Babi Guling (roast pork) at Ibu Oka, Ubud. Like a lot of local warung, basic but soooo gooooood! tongue


Morning scenes from the villa garden, looking out onto rice terraces. Incense burning. Morning Dew. Very relaxing smile


Macro shots taken while waiting for some kind of rehearsal to happen. Lots of cool bugs in Bali smile


2 girls & 1 duck: lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah. Think I prefer Bebek Bengil but the view makes this place worth a look.


The Monkey Forest at Ubud. Nice place with mostly well behaved residents, but watch out for those that aren't! wink


Dinner at Naughty Nuri's Warung. Still cooking on the pavement, and luckily no pictures of me eating this year! wink


Back at the hotel tonight found a show in progress. Colourful outfits. Musicians with hammers. Confusing story. Nice!


A bit of wildlife from the garden this morning. Who knew there were squirrels living in Bali!


Trip to a Kopi Luwak plantation for Coffee connoisseurs. Interesting, but lucky there was tea for the rest of us! wink


Durian tasting at the roadside. Not at all smelly but still not a favourite. Think it has a very strange texture.


Wish I could tell you where this is. Just a lookout on a road somewhere in Bali. And the door on a hut over the road.


Cicak warming themselves by the roof lighting. A sign of good luck apparently, even though they are found everywhere!


A giant snail found in the garden this morning. Seemed keen to pose. Or perhaps not moving much is just their way? wink


Antonio Blanco Museum, Ubud. Flowers, birds & views in the grounds, but you'll have to visit yourself to see inside.


"The Bridge of Hope", by the exit of the Antonio Blanco Museum, Ubud. Should be X-rated! wink


Lunch (of frogs legs) at Murni's Warung. This is a great place built right into the side of the ravine by the river.


Offerings for safe passage on this footbridge in Ubud. Perhaps a few new planks would also help? wink


Tanah Lot is allegedly the most photographed place in Bali, so here's some... erm... tourist photos from there wink


... and here's some sunset shots from Tanah Lot.


... and finally, Tanah Lot in HDR. Seeing as this is HDR have gone with a very saturated look.


After sunset we saw a Kecak (Fire) Dance. No instruments, but think I prefer the rhythmic chanting of these dancers.


Padang food for dinner. If you don't know: sort of a buffet of traditional dishes. This one by the side of the road.


Waka Sailing Adventure to Lembongan Island for some snorkelling (sans UW housing) and relaxation. Thank you Meli! smile


Sunrise on Nusa Dua beach. Just a couple of sleepy looking tourists and the odd fisherman about at this time.


Bali-Lombok flight. All of 30 minutes. Check out the cabin humidity visible once the A/C came on!


Arrived in Lombok to find the pace very relaxing. Some flowers from Sheraton Senggigi's beautiful gardens smile


Lunch on arrival at Sheraton Senggigi... & a nice treat in our room after... & a local we had to fend off wink


After 3hr drive from Senggigi, getting read & setting off through the fields on a 3 day trek across Mt Rinjani.


Lunch in a shady spot, then more trekking into the clouds. Plus one of the porters caught mellowing out on a break!


NE rim of Mt Rinjani after a little walk. 8½ hours, 11½km, 1800m climbed to be precise. In up to 34°C heat! Nice! smile


Sunset on the NE rim of Mt Rinjani. Spectacular! Altitude here was over 2700m and getting pretty chilly already.


The night sky from our camp on the rim, with the silhouette of Mt Rinjani trailing off into the heavens.


Chilly & hazy (thanks to bushfire smoke) morning on the rim. Luckily it soon warmed up on the walk to the lake.


Lunchtime treat - the only wash of the trek in a thermal spring by the crater lake. Luxury! smile


Afternoon walk along the lake shore & back to the rim. Under 8km for the day but almost 900m down & back up again.


Camp day 2. Views from the other rim where we spent the previous night, round to the Gili Isles and across to Bali.


Stars from our second night on Mt Rinjani. Sky so clear the Mikly Way was visible even before total darkness!


Waking up to a warming fire and the chance to see sunrise from above the clouds for a second day.


Morning views from our final day trekking. The girls with our guide Amet & a local monkey at one of the rest areas.


Our final meal on the trail and final few km of walking this arvo. Some tired but smiling faces at the end smile


Back at the Sheraton Senggigi & time for dinner with a well deserved beer... after a very much appreciated shower.


Sunset on Senggigi beach. Time to go fishing by the looks of it!


After 3 days of being held together with string found along the way, boots are off to the great trail in the sky sad


Visited Sukarare, allegedly known for hand-woven rugs, wall hangings, etc. Yes, something like that was going on smile


Our last night in Lombok, dinner at Bumbu, Senggigi. Nice place. A lot quieter than Bali (even Ubud).


Lombok-Bali flight. All of... erm... 30 minutes wink


Arrived at Kintamani just as clouds roll in to engulf the view. Still warm enough to have a cold one & enjoy though.


Sights from one of the many temples at Kintamani. Kindof small and quiet, at least when we visited (before lunch).


More views from the... erm... Lake View Hotel, Kintamani. First one from the balcony in our room. Not bad at all!


Jumping spider spied while having drinks at Kintamani. Look closely & see my reflection in his eyes in the 1st one smile


A very late lunch at Bebek Bengil (aka. the dirty duck). Yes - I think it is better to go grilled... hmmmmmm tongue


Cloudy sunrise from the Lake View Hotel, Kintamani.


Strawberries & Champagne on the house @ Intercontinental Jimbaran Bay. Couldn't wish for a better final night smile


Sunset on the final night of our Balinese honeymoon. While walking along Jimbaran Beach on the way to dinner.


And the final dinnner. Oh, go on then... just one more lobster... and some fish... and some clams (at Menega Cafe) wink


Late evening flight so our final day was spent lounging around the hotel. Very nice place, could do this more often.


About to head to the airport. Time for one last sunset stroll on Jimbaran Beach first though.