Eurobike 2012

Most wouldn't believe this was a coincidence, but a week before we moved on to Lake Constance I discovered that the EUROBIKE show was to be hosted in Friedrichshafen, which happened to be just a few kilometres down the road from accommodation that was booked up long ago.

Well - I think we all know how much I like bikes so what was to be done? An early morning depart from the previous week's accommodation in the Black Forest and leisurely drive saw us pulling into a very busy 'overflow' type car park mid-morning. All very efficient, as is the German style of course, saw a quick shuttle to the show and we were in.

We spent about six hours here wondering around, with a short lunch break - amusing in itself as we shared a table with a very nice local couple who when finished were instantly replaced with a couple of local lads looking for MTB gear. Then we left and they got someone new to talk to. It was like a revolving interview table - very social.

It has to be said that six hours is either no-where near enough time or way too much, depending on who you ask. Clearly I think the former but Pratiwi, after being very patient all day will probably say otherwise wink

Either way - it had to be done. Not sure I would plan a special trip for this, but being in the neighbourhood made that decision easy.


A fashion show at a bike exhibition? More like an entertaining dance show. Have to admit... the guys had some moves!


Looooooads of bling everywhere. Here's a few random bits to drool over.


Finally... a bike sized for Pratiwi? wink


Just two of the many component demo rigs: these are for Arsis microSHIFT & Magura hydraulic rim brakes.


Pratiwi with a few interesting fashion items. Not about the helmet, but the other pieces get a thumbs up.


Misc. beauties, cruisers, franken-bikes, hipster rides and oddities. You decide which is which!


In no particular order... just a whole load of pretty road stuff and bling!


Looking for a novelty, multi-coloured toolkit? Too mundane? How about a wheel building robot? It's all here!


Plenty of crossers here... and a few things pretending to be cyclo-cross bikes too.


Peter Sagan's 'Tourminator' Cannondale. Oh dear! Groan!


Crazy rear shock on the Cannondale Jekyll. I'd be worried about sourcing a spare or servicing down the line.


Wheels, rims, wheels, wheels, wheels, wheels... wink


Some people were obviously snagging show bargains. We picked up a couple of cheaper goodies & lots of freebies smile


Clothes and helmets for... well... for people a whole lot cooler than this old man!? wink


Garmin was among one of the most popular accessory stands. Lots of their devices on display to play with.


There were lots of fancy bags for the relaxed, fashionable city lady or gent. Couriers need not apply.


Remember: Dogs die in hot cars! Hopefully they don't in a plastic clad cage fitted to one's handle bars!


A whole load of mountain bikes on display. Take your pick... it's all here!


Skyver... hike up a trail carrying it, then roll down on this? Erm... no thanks!


Being fitted with custom insoles. The 'mould' is a bag of silica particles connected to a vacuum pump. Yes, I asked.


Kona had a Western Saloon as part of their stand. But we're on a mission so no time to hang with the cool kids today!


Moots YBB: a 'zero pivot' design that relies on the flex of the (in this case Titanium) frame for travel.


A little something I happened to 'pick up' on the Cervelo stand... & other stuff they just left lying around. Wow!


Lots of shiny, Italian, Gaerne shoes.


Pinarello touting their TdF connections. Now, where have I seen that bike before? Hint: wink


Corratec showing off their development bike rig. That's a lot of wires & sensors. Note the GoPro camera too!


Unsightly chain? A tandem with it's covered in what looks like flexible electrical conduit. Not heard of belt drive?


3T doing in with minimalist style. Like those deep dish rims and the way the spoke seems to slot in.


I've long admired Lupine lights, but thought them a little large. No longer - this Piko looks excellent!


SRAM XX1. I'm not convinced. Look at the size of that rear cassette (10-42T) & that chainline. Hmmmmm?


Part of the huge outdoor demo area. Given it was wet & so much on display indoors we completely skipped this. Crazy!