Rome, Nov '12

When in Rome... erm... I mean, when in Italy... it would be rude not to visit Rome, so here we are.

A very pleasant few days of galleries and piazzas and lots of walking in between. That is despite the rather overcast and wet weather there was to contend with.

Annoyingly we lost a few shots from the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Doh! Oh well... next time? wink


'Serious' shot in the pillars surrounding St Peter's Square. From the curve you might gather, the 'square' is not wink


Passing St Peter's Square (we stayed in a hotel close by): Pratiwi showing the scale of the pillars that surround it.


In & around Piazza Navona at dusk. A little sightseeing, a little snack. I have to admit to rather enjoying it here.


Pretty grey day in Rome. Seems to warrant some B&W shots as we walk from Piazza del Popolo to the Spanish Steps.


Trinità dei Monti, top of the Spanish Steps: one of the more modest religious places we've seen here.


Lunch somewhere around the Spanish Steps. Meat balls & veggies & wine & coffee & cake. Someone enjoyed it wink


The lord's (paper)work is never done wink


Inside San Carlo al Corso. Compared to the grey day outside, somewhat of colour overload!


Up at some ungodly hour to... um. Anyhow - they really should move all these chairs - they spoil the tourist snaps wink


A quick look inside St Peter's Basilica. Started over 500 years ago & 120 years to complete. It's a bit big in here!


Last time I was here you were able to walk up to this statue & touch it. Any ideas why they put a stop to that? wink


Wondering round St Peter's? Don't forget to look up! wink


Experience of climbing to top of this dome is worth it in itself. View from the top isn't bad either, even if cloudy.


Back outside. Statues & Swiss Guard. Despite this being Italy. And the Swiss being a neutral country. Confused? wink


Vatican Museum doesn't mind one taking pictures (except in the Sistine Chapel), so here's a few... erm... pictures wink


Another place where looking up is a must. Imagine being an artist & told you only have the ceiling to work with! wink


Lucky it wasn't busy, huh? wink The whole place was pretty much like this, and it's not even tourist season!


Guided by the hand of god or not... don't think I'd be waving my umbrella this close to a priceless masterpiece! wink


I seem to have 'lost' the photos from this morning at the Pantheon & Trevi Fountain sad Guess we need a refund on that coin in the latter wink


Snaps from the Colosseum & walk down to Il Vittoriano. Great light later on, but hard to do either justice.


Back in Piazza Navona around dusk.


Our final Roman dinner (oops, pics when it's almost done), which we'll take in Piazza Navona & watch the world go by.


On the way home, St Peter's by night. Handheld. At 1/8th. After a bottle of wine. With no VR! Goodnight Rome! grin