Rode 100km in what felt like an oven this morning! No ill effects but was on the edge of that 'all over cramps' feeling for a while there.


Few tourist shots of NZ: http://rainton.com/fun/diary/php... Long URL? 12yo software lead to that wink


Chilling in Kangaroo Valley. BBQ breakie on the veranda. Relax with friends. Check in on the cricket. Ah... Nice.


Thanks to everyone sending happy thoughts today. Anyone would think it's... erm... my birthday or something! wink You are all too kind smile


Sitting at PC. Phone hums in pocket. Flick back to workspace with browser in to check Gmail. Mobile mail clients are surprisingly helpful wink


Still in doubt? "97% of active climatologists agree that human activity is causing global warming" http://is.gd/6bjON


Top tip: do not max out chasing Turra's 10th seed rider up from Berowra only half way through a 106km ride. Rest of your day will be agony!


Riding on the West Head smoothness with cracked ribs doesn't hurt as much as you'd think. Lack of sleep does though. Am smashed now.


Lost all menus (file/edit/etc..) from all gnome applications?! Just remove gnome-globalmenu-common. Phew! Tip found here: http://is.gd/5TvDN


Today's Daily Telegraph had 5 pages about how screwed the Aussie cricket team were. And yet this arvo they won the match. How good was that!


More knee-jerk reaction has me concluding: airport security is more to do with appearances than actually catching crims. Has been for years.


That week of riding the velvet trails of NZ made me forget how to handle roots and rocks. Very sore left Brachialis is the result sad


Some neighbours (across the lane-way) look pretty wasted. NYE party at the split coffee stage. They took as a sign & switched back to beer.


Cycling stats for the year: 4,855km (2,000km was MTB). 362 hours. Elevation gain: 73,513m. 490,329 calories burnt. So says Garmin anyhow.


Before you toss out yesterday's SMH Summer pull-out check out p3. Not a bad story, and... oooh... who's that quoted and in the picture? wink


Pics from the Rotorua MTB trip... and lots of 'em: http://nobmob.com/image/tid/3088


http://dpreview.com/ challenge of challenges: 506 of the best images on the 'net: http://is.gd/5FfdZ Slick presentation system too!


After 2 weeks away... we return to find plants on the balcony have gone ballistic and fish have turned cannibal! PS. #Avatar hype justified!


7 days straight MTB in biblically awesome Rotorua, walk http://tongarirocrossing.org.nz/ Might be time for the lazy part of this trip wink


Airlines... Next they'll expect us to pay for them to make us feel shit. Oh, wait... We already do!


At least the new UPS test went as expected this morning. Now to move a DTV tuner card and the technology woes might be over for a while.


Home servers are nice until they get a H/W fault. Desktop, TV & music rely on this. RAID array has found a new home in desktop for a while.


Britons spend more (pa) on ring tones than Fusion power research. Is a ring tone going to solve the world energy crisis? Priorities people!


New UPS: battery-backed-tastic! As opposed to the old one which was battery-buggered-iffic: The actual device (not battery) was dead sad


How come GF spent 80 bucks in the supermarket yesterday and yet there's nothing to eat in the house? Time to go myself? wink


Perhaps I should move this bottle of White Spirits from where the glass of water usually sits on my desk?


At last... some event pictures worth buying! http://nobmob.com/node/11010 Loved the Scott24 this year smile


SMH coverage of MTB in NSW NPs http://is.gd/4f615 Don't know why they have to make it a conflict - most cyclists are environmentalists too.


Home but tired post Scott24 (24 hour MTB race, silly!). What a track! If you didn't blast round there you don't know what you're missing!


Last day of work today... bring on a summer of fun! Erm... OK... and a little part time work but beats 9-5! wink


Northern Beaches National Parks to pilot Sustainable MTB Access - http://nobmob.com/node/10706


Decorations and an 'xmas bear' were on sale in Myer this week. Only 14 weeks of retail desperation to go - not a sign of economic recovery!


78,000 children work in tobacco farms of Malawi, their handling of tobacco leaves causing nicotine poisoning. Sickening! http://is.gd/2MHlv


Buy a fuel efficient car, or drive less. Good for planet. But lower fuel demand = lower cost = peak oil doubters = bad for planet. Catch 22?


Radio ad: "SMS TRY. That's T-R-Y to...". So this stuff is aimed at an intellectual audience then?


Might be worth pretending to be a pommie today wink Poor show on the cricket front from the Aussies sad


Chilling out watching the Cricket (Oh look, Collingwood just fell). Bike race tomorrow at a rather civilised midday start.


Pretty cold last night (Jul 25). Wore my 'only 3 days a year cold enough for this' coat. Found receipt in pocket dated 25 Jul 08. Spooky! wink


Go Cavendish! What a rider. And with a great attitude to boot - always seems modest and thankful for his team. Keep it up Mark!


SHT is closed so the cops are RBTing on the expressway. Brilliant way to snarl up the traffic! Doh!


Going to the Opera House for a little bit of culture.


Spotted on George St... Tandem 'bent!


Mulholland Dr - WTF is that movie about?! Not that it doesn't have it's... erm... 'moments' wink


While writing a document I just thought '1902' but typed '190x' (bother literally). Interestingly the latter is correct. Spooky!


This is just disgusting: http://is.gd/1866M Political bargaining gone crazy!


Somehow I've blown my DSL quota and am stuck with 128kbps for the next 2 days. Doh!


World's most optimistic job ad in my inbox today: "IT Director, Telco, Afghanistan - $100K USD". Erm... I don't think so! wink


Pruning packages from a Linux system (without picking one that is dependency for the only app you run) is quiet a nice (nerds) game.


This is a bit more complicated than the last CPU sink I installed! http://is.gd/IU9k New silent system. Covered in heatpipes and fins smile