Black Forest & Lake Constance, Aug/Sep '12

Back in Germany for a couple of weeks. Where to go? Where to go?

Well, actually, the Black Forest was a request from Pratiwi. Hmmmmm... suspicious of the cake they make there being an influencing factor wink But to be fair, the whole countryside, rolling hills and stuff also proved a treat. Lake Constance was my idea, chosen completely at random - you can't go far wrong with a lake though.

Very nice all round, but getting a bit chilly at altitude (the Black Forest even has some ski lifts!).

The keen observer might also notice a guest appearance for a couple of days here. Thanks for coming! smile


In Sankt Peter, but sadly we missed the monastery tour so had to be content with a look at the little church.


When in the Black Forest... tongue Wonderful lunch in Sankt Peter. Cake so unstable takes two to cut the last slice! wink


Dropped into Waldkirch, but have to admit that there's not much to see here. This street is pretty enough though.


Another café stop. Time to compare & contrast Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte wink As we walked a small treat for me too grin


Good morning Totdnauburg! Morning view from our terrace in the Black Forest. Love it! grin


Hike to Feldberg (highest peak in the Black Forest) & Feldsee (little lake). Very nice, if a bit chilly to start.


Freiburg: on a sunny afternoon feels like a really vibrant place. Lots of young folk enjoying life... us included? wink


Passing by St Blasien. Cathedral here has loads of shiny marble under it's huge dome. Little village is pretty too.


Passed this mad storm front on the way home. Threw in some 'extreme' processing too. We managed to stay dry, BTW! grin


'lunch' in Todtnau. Well, there was other stuff, but not so pretty. If only we could survive on beer & cake alone! wink


Summer in the Black Forest? Yes, that's 7°C! Although it was early morning at over 1200m altitude. Still... brrrrrrr!


Might have done a bit of pavé while sightseeing in Lindau this morning. Nice view from nearby Eichenberg too smile


Edeka supermarket, Langenargen: new shops always an adventure. Found this aisle to be somehow photogenic. Beer? wink


Another ride into Lindau today, this time with Pratiwi. Very nice cycling through the orchards and vineyards.


Lake Constance at sunset. Hanging out with the swans... although Pratiwi finds them big & scary any closer than this!


By the shore of Lake Constance. It's huge, with beautiful clear water as you can see. Waiting for the Mainau ferry.


Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen. Completely unpronounceable! wink Is an open air museum of stilt houses we passed today.


Mainau. The Flower Island of Lake Constance. Yes, they have flowers, & more. Pretty nice really (manly cough!) wink


There's a butterfly house on Mainau. Sadly didn't bring a macro lens... doh! Still interesting & colourful though.


Late-ish afternoon ferry back across Lake Constance. Great day! Some nice craft bobbing about here too.