Seems like we are the filling in a cloud sandwich that stretches all the way to Pic de Belchou this morning! wink


Sunset driving home. Glorious sun on the peaks, miserable & grey down below all day. Moral of the story: ski more! wink


Hmmmmmm... looks a bit cloudy down in the valley. Think I'll head up high today! smile


Stormy morning yet catching a glimpse of hillside through thick cloud. Always beautiful no matter what the weather smile


Early(ish) morning walk at the Col des Palomieres. Looking down into those clouds, it's nice to be in the hills smile


On the ferry from Norway to Denmark. Looking back North. Yes, we're sad to leave but think it's for the best! wink


Clouds lifted a bit after a little snack. Still a bit dull, but wow! Tegalalang terraces in the mist. Added interest!


Driving over the Aubisque/Soulor again today. Plenty of mist & cloud made for some... erm... 'interesting' pics!