The old town of San Sebastian isn't big, but still... one needs to take a break & rest once in a while wink Cheers! smile


Parisien coffee stop. Coffee? Blergh! But at least you can't go wrong with the accompaniment in a patisserie smile


Supermarket refreshments: Hoegaarden (sorry, no bottles sad) & iced coffee. Will she never learn!? wink #BeerIsCheaper


Evening snack: Beer, baguette, roquefort, rillettes de canard. Yum! While Pratiwi went for coffee & cake. Durh! tongue wink


Post hike refreshments. Although to be honest, only one of these is actually refreshing. Am I right? wink tongue


Trip to a Kopi Luwak plantation for Coffee connoisseurs. Interesting, but lucky there was tea for the rest of us! wink