Anniversary lunch at one of our favourite spots... with special family guest visiting from Aus. Amazing as always smile


Dinner in Ainsa. See we're sat by the specials board & yes that's what we're eating. 15E/person for this. Nom, nom!


Love a bit of roast duck! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


More pintxos & sangria for the girls, beer & steak for me! Luuurve Basque food! PS. this is smallest cut on the menu!


San Sebastian old town is packed with pintxos bars like this. This one seems as good as any, so in we go... grin


Sunset dinner at friends. Curried meat & veg from their garden with refreshing homebrew beer. Yum! Thank you guys! smile


When in Paris: have Korean food for dinner wink OMG, the most succulent chicken here! Nice beer too. Yum, top marks! tongue


Everyone here is so generous. New friends invited us to wonderful lunch. Amazing food & so entertaining! grin #SoLucky


Time to move on tomorrow. Evening meal with landlady, family & guests was a wonderfully hospitable send off. Thx! smile


Living like a king! Another wonderful dinner with some overly generous friends. Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue Thankyou! grin


Mixed entrée, Indonesian main & French desert. Another tough Sunday afternoon! wink Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Post skiing treats: Vin chaud & blueberry tart. Nom, nom, nom! tongue Oh, and coffee for someone else for some reason wink


Bike club dinner. No-one behind because us newbie pommies sat at the last table. Don't worry, we weren't alone! wink grin


Post-ride refuel. Pratiwi was worried this was too much. LOL... Bless! wink tongue


Lunch by Lac de Gaube. What a spectacular spot. And warm too... glad I brought that refreshing beverage! wink


Lunch at Payolle. I guess there are perks to having to do this tourist thing after all! wink Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


Dinner in Paris. Rather nice Coq au vin for me, something odd for her wink Sitting watching the world go by. Cheers!


Lunch with friends after a damp walk. Advantage of chilly conditions: the restaurant is serving vin chaud. Cheers!


Wonderful & entertaining dinner out with some lovely new - & very generous, thankyou! smile - friends. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Bagneres-de-Bigorre 'Twinning day' celebration. Great dinner & small display of classic cars - British, naturally! wink


Gathering for a birthday celebration in Toulouse. Lots of Indonesian food & french gateaux. Oh yes! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Eating figs straight off the tree. Yum! And... erm... nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


Quick lunch stop. Tried Parisienne Bruschetta to discover it's cheese on toast with ham! wink Very nice though. Nom! tongue


Glass of rosé with lunch. In a beer glass. Because that's just how classy I am wink Cheers! grin


Pot of 'industrial' desert with a few added Brambles picked straight from our hedge. Nom, nom! tongue #SimplePleasures


Early dinner/late lunch. Kale & rice &... not quite sure what my chef has presented here but it was really good! smile


Spanish Sunday lunch. Pratiwi had a big octopus leg that just melted in the mouth. Unbelievable how good that was!


Andorran pizza. It might be the middle of summer, but in the shade it's still a bit chilly up here so went down well!


Family dinner in Quillan. I'm not easily impressed by salad, but... that's not bad! Prefer my choice mind! wink tongue


Outrageously good dinner tonight. Soooo good & so much too. Had to take a doggy bag which was our lunch the next day!


Lunch date at Payolle. Special day or something wink The confit du canard & gateau basque awesome & very affordable! grin


Another Indonesian gathering today. Loads of wonderful food. Thank you so much! smile Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Just back from cycling & served up this pre-lunch snack from my favourite warung kecil. Great recovery dish. Nom! tongue


When you drop round to friends for lunch... and are served a four course gourmet meal! Nom, nom, nom tongue Thank you! smile


Impromptu dinner. French moule frite very nice, but sorry, still not as good as the Belgiums! Great dessert though tongue


Impromptu dinner invite. Lots of excellent Asian food, especially that beef rendang! Nom, nom, nom! tongue :P


Rosbif lunch. Désolé monsieur, it's better in the UK wink Mousse for dessert was to die for though. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Hearty lunch under dappled shade in a beer garden next to the Abbey & old brewery where that beer originates. Cheers!


Snail's in for it's TÜV (can you believe it's been a year!) so what to do? Lucky we know this restaurant close by smile


Lunch stop in the Alsace region. Very traditional looking restaurant has Italian specials. Who are we to argue? wink tongue


Great tapas bar in Sitges. Fresh kebabs, sausages, etc. came round regularly. Yum! tongue Sangria seems effective too! wink


Lunch in Villajoyosa. 12€ menu included a 'small' glass of sangria. This & my entrée the highlights. Yum! tongue smile


Feeling very lucky... this was on the table 5 minutes after I got home from cycling! Yum! smile grin tongue #Refuel #Hydration


Picnic rest stop on our drive today. Just a few items we happened to have in the 'car' wink


Lunch in Porto. But Pratiwi loves sangria... soooooo... who am I to say no?! wink Nom, nom, nom tongue


When in Spain: tapas lunch in Santiago de Compostela. Followed by ice cream for some reason... even though it's cold!


No lens or perspective trickery here. That's just one bloody big steak! So tasty! Nom, nom, nom... nom... nom! wink tongue


Lunch at Auberge Le Bouic on a lovely sunny day in the mountains. Great food here too. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Need some sugar post ride? French apple pastry thing not sweet enough? Drizzle it with honey grin That's better! wink tongue


Just 'dropped in' to friends in Germany & completely spoiled again. Thank you guys, best pork ever! Nom, nom, nom! tongue