Pyrenees MTB: [email protected]% average. Outstanding view & brutal when out of shape! Time to smell flowers on the descent wink


Cruising hills just North of home. Mostly firetrail. Bit of sniggle. But hey, it's dirt & the views are magnificent!


Great to be back on the MTB! Almost 4 years since I last touched those bikes & they ride like new! wink Incredible! grin


Bit of exploration & finding the limit of what's marked as a road. Still got those MTB skills, even on 25mm tyres! wink


Spotted in a local village: nice guy carrying a bike for a mate, or a bike thief! Around here likely it's the former.


Feels good to be back on the MTB. Gotta love changes since last time wink http://connect.garmin.com/activi...


On the dirt today. Been a while, almost forgot MTB was such fun! wink And yes, it is still winter here in Sydney! grin