When a buddy from Aus drops by for 48 hours. Not that I want to encourage anyone else... but bloody good time! wink grin


Clouds cleared as we were looking for a lunch spot so: beer & pizza in sunshine! Yes, quite big. Yes, ate the lot! tongue


Vini & Pizze in L'Isle-Jourdain: possibly the best pizza in France! Yum! tongue PS. Please excuse the hungry teenager wink


Pizza, pasta & the obligatory summer bucket of Hoegaarden. What's not to love? Cheers! grin


Evening snack (erm... supper?). Can't beat leftover pizza, especially leftover homemade pizza! grin


Hmmmmmmm.... pizzaaaaaaaaa tongue :P tongue ... and some tartiflette for good measure. Burp! grin


Wonderful & entertaining dinner out with some lovely new - & very generous, thankyou! smile - friends. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Andorran pizza. It might be the middle of summer, but in the shade it's still a bit chilly up here so went down well!


I never do coffee stops but beer & pizza is mid-ride break I can get behind wink 122km & Hautacam PR today. Love it! grin


Lunch stop in the Alsace region. Very traditional looking restaurant has Italian specials. Who are we to argue? wink tongue


Dinner at Via Napoli. On a school night. Hmmmmm... Pizza. And somehow room for desert too! smile Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Is a 7km walk to Via Napoli & back. Just as well: beers, prosciutto, mozzarella & 1 metre of pizza later! Burp wink tongue