So... the alternate walking route from Pont d'Espagne up to Lac de Gaube. Almost as pretty as the summer path?


Little stream near at Pont d'Espagne. Half frozen there's a tiny waterfall created by the ice here. Cool!


Stroll at Pont d'Espagne: But 10m in & we found path covered in thick ice. No crampons so time to find another way!


End of the road today: Pont d'Espagne. Clearly has more popular times but forecast to be snowed in tonight! Brrrrr!


River by the road on the way home from Pont d'Espagne. Babbling brook & raging torrent from the same flow. Amazing!


At the Pont d'Espagne end of our little walk. Lots of water everywhere. Very noisy but very cool! smile


On the path from Pont d'Espagne to Lac de Gaube (and return)... with the tame butterflies wink