Won't say the hike back was bad. Views to the coast after all! Just think it will take time to get over Preikestolen!


Preikestolen from above. Almost beyond belief how lucky we got with the weather & light. So, so, so, sooooo lucky! smile


We hung out here for 20-30 minutes I think. Just gawking at the spectacle. Then time to climb up for a higher view...


Logic says it's fine to sit on the edge, but primal self preservation was making me uncomfortable just snapping this!


Here we are on the edge of Preikestolen. Major goal of the trip & didn't disappoint! Simply breathtaking. Literally!


That dot is Pratiwi close as she dare go - so not that close wink - to edge of Preikestolen. 604m drop to fjord below!


This is just the path on the way to Preikestolen. You don't want to stumble to the left here! wink


This cliff is hidden from view on the hike up. The "Holy crap!" feeling of stepping round the corner here is awesome!


The hike up to Preikestolen is pretty nice in it's own right. But as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!...