The view to Geiranger, so we're almost home? wink Have to say the pollution that single ship caused was horrific! sad


Plenty of interesting stuff along the way. Traditional roof construction is pretty cool! Called 'sod roof' I think.


Lunch stop overlooking famous '7 Sisters' waterfall. On the zoom a tiny farm like that we passed is visible. Crazy!


Think the climbing is over... yay! Time to look for a slightly wider part of the track where we can sit & have lunch!


I told Pratiwi it would make for a better pose if she let go of the cable, but for some reason she wasn't keen! wink


After a little break at the farm... more climbing! Tricky 'cliff edge' parts gave way to a cool, lush forest walk.


Tiny area of clear land hundreds of metres up a cliff above a fjord. Good place for a farm, ja? That's Skagefla farm!


... still climbing... although it's worth stopping once in a while to admire the views of Geirangerfjord below.


Dropped of by the little sightseeing/ferry boat it's time to start climbing. We're heading for Skagefla farm.