Hmmmmmmm... bit of a cold snap in Europe. Lucky it's only going to last couple of days!


Nothing like first Tourmalet of the year to clear the effects of a weekend of slight excess wink Lovely day for it! grin


Driving up to La Mongie after fresh snowfall. 4x4 on snow tyres is pretty impressive here. Feels like a normal day smile


Random views from the local roads we travel almost daily. Ever changing mountain scenery never disappoints!


Pratiwi didn't want to go for a short stroll today, but after being talking into it, turns out it was fun! grin


Looks like there's been a nearby accident involving a truck of icing sugar & it's blown all over the place! wink


Lac de Gaube. Frozen. Wow! View aside, sound of the ice popping & cracking echoing around was absolutely incredible!


So... the alternate walking route from Pont d'Espagne up to Lac de Gaube. Almost as pretty as the summer path?


Stroll at Pont d'Espagne: But 10m in & we found path covered in thick ice. No crampons so time to find another way!


Afternoon stroll: Col de Beyrede to ridge above. Just made snow line. Spectacular & one of the best short walks here!


First snow of the season fell on the Pic du Midi couple days back & more yesterday by the looks. #ViewFromOurDoorstep


First Tourmalet ascent of the year. Last 3km closed to cars, but not bikes! grin As usual, sucks to be a car driver! tongue


When in Provence... grin 3° up top + 70kph wind chill equals completely numb fingers on the descent. Fun times! wink grin


Views of today's ride. Unseasonably warm so popped up the Col du Soulor - as you do wink Nice snowy view at the top! smile


Today's ride in glorious sunshine: Col du Tourmalet. Well... as much as was possible. Didn't bring my skis! wink


Live segments test at Hautacam. Verdict: Absolute torture! Spectacular day: wearing shorts & just 2 layers up top! grin


Crisp morning here! Walking into the village for a look around.


Tourist road 520 from Røldalsvatnet (lake way below the hairpins) to Sauda. Almost got blown over taking last shots!


Rest of today's ride (Hildal to Hara): Stunning mountain pass left traffic free as main road now runs in a tunnel! grin


At least Pratiwi dressed for the conditions! Nice shoes! tongue wink


Crossing the highest mountain pass in Norway. Snow & iceberg strew lakes abound. And this is the middle of summer!


Rode from fjord 1,500m up to Dalsnibba, where on a clear day should be able to see the start. Not today, too misty sad


Passing through Lincoln so stopped by the cathedral. Unlike most over in France there's no free entry here though sad


Oh no... not another pub lunch! wink tongue This time it's Barton's Mill. And a snowy stroll by the river after. Nice! smile


My lil' snow angel wink grin


La Cascade d'Ars, in a semi-frozen state. And the view below. Well worth the hour or so walk.


Hiking up to Cascade d'Ars. Passing other small streams then snow (sometimes deep) above 800m or so. Awesome walk! smile


Sunrise on moving day. Time to follow these lights down the mountain and then on to our next destination...


Final morning here & this is better! 7+ hours on the piste to finish the week. Hurrah! grin


Snow outside the chalet this morning. Popped out for couple of hours, but rest was probably due. Had lazy afternoon.


Back from the slopes in time for a little fun outside the chalet smile


As night begins to fall... ♫ ♪ Let it snow, ♩ let it snow, ♪ ♫ let it snow ♫ grin


Some time after arriving in Les Menuires we finally find the chalet... this looks promising! grin


Messing around at Passo del Gavia. Pratiwi showing how to throw &... erm... 'catch' snowballs. And make a snowman wink


Pratiwi posing in the snow in Dad's garden. Does this mean we're acclimatised now? smile