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Decoration here is from years gone by, but looking at this I can actually see the future. And I mean in a good way smile


Post ride/run lunch on the verandah. Enjoying the view once more. Nom, nom, nom tongue


View from the cottage here in Kangaroo Valley. Pratiwi finds watching cattle amble about strangely relaxing. Mooooo!


You know it's a great location when car hasn't had to move from this spot since arriving Thursday night! #HeadingHome


Bit of light pollution from the coast, but still... this star shot from the front porch isn't that bad, huh? smile


Ah, country Australia. Where else would you see an ad. on TV & the address they give is, "Top of the hill". Quaint or just hillbilly? Hmmmm?


Hmmmmm... a tray full of treats! Happy Easter everyone! tongue #chocolate #eggs #bunnies #Cadbury #Lindt


Was a bit of Strade Bianchi on the route today, so Cervelo needs a shower. Bike wash with a view outside our cottage!


Another nice trundle today. Snap of the view towards Kangaroo Valley from part way down Berry Mtn descent. Beautiful!


1500m climbed in only 60km today. Beautiful views on ride & for refreshments after. More of the same tomorrow please!

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Kangaroo Valley, Easter '14


England, Jan '13

This was the final leg of our European adventure. Winter in the UK can be fun, especially when you only have to endure a couple of weeks of it before flying off to a Sydney summer. Oh, and being dragged around various cosy city and country pubs by various long lost friends also helped wink

Good times... now... back to reality!

Final weeks in France, Dec '12/Jan '13

It's someone's birthday mid-January, so after the Christmas festivities our plan was to meander back up to the UK and be in London for that date.

But... what route to take? We really wanted to head back over to the Pyrenees and see what winter there was like so I guess that made the choice easy. A big 'L' shape across the bottom of France and then up the West coast-ish.

Even though we'd been lucky with snow in the Alps, seems like winter was late to Europe this year as the outdoors was still very enjoyable. We had some great, sunny, encounters with bird life, seeing large flocks of Flamingo in the Camargue then almost stumbling across a flock of vultures near Lescun - wonderful!

We also learned you can't go past a spot of hiking through the snow to a frozen waterfall, or, further North, lunch in an old village famed for it's wine. Lots of variety in this leg and as usual, it's all good! grin

Ski Three Valleys, Dec '12

Second winter of our European trip and things worked out pretty well on the skiing front.

It is a gamble booking a ski trip around xmas these days, but it's a special time for some and Pratiwi asked for a white Christmas, sooo... we ended up in Les Menuires. Who was I to argue? wink

After a thankfully very uneventful drive into the mountains (aside from getting slightly lost in the village at the very end) we found ourselves in a very nice catered chalet right on the piste. A few days of sunshine, a few of more perhaps not the best conditions, but hey... I got to practice my technique using 'the force' wink Yes, in some parts the white out was truly white, but days like those makes one appreciate the glorious sunshine all the more.

Long story short - another fantastic week in the snow, what more could you want?

Luberon & Surrounds, Nov/Dec '12

Well... I'm not sure if this is all entirely the Luberon, but that's what we're calling this segment of the trip, so... wink

After what was probably the last of the summer down on the coast, the time had come to return inland and see if we could cope with the winter conditions and add to our experience of Provence by exploring this more Southern Part. The timing was also chosen to kill a few weeks before (hopefully) returning to the Alps for a spot of skiing.

The question seemed to be answered that early in the season, in this part of France, it's chilly, but not unbearably so. Nice!

A word of warning though: you'd think Something-les-Bains would be a top choice for a winter's break. Thermal spa to enjoy and all that? Hmmmm... not so. We were very disappointed that all these spas seemed to be for medical purposes only. No tourists allowed to come and poach themselves in the steaming waters. Doh! sad

We had wanted to visit the Gorge du Verdon in summer but this just didn't happen, so was very glad to drive thought there a few times in this stint. It has to be said that this really is the highlight of the region. Amazing even in the dim light of a winter's day - surely a walk in the gorge will be a 'must do' experience on a balmy summer's day? Or a bicycle ride along the rim of course! grin

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