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Today's activity: a 15km walk in constant rain. Welcome to England! I admit it had it's moments. More pics to come smile


On the road to Bedugul... view from what was almost a mountain pass we crested. Would have been nice on a bike! smile


Lunch stop at 'Depot Betty' as we head North. Really great food & nicely priced as is away from tourist spots smile tongue


Woke up too early so went for a short walk outside the villa. We're surrounded by rice paddies soooo...


Into Malton early for @letouryorkshire. Watching yesterday's stage while we wait. Kangaroo says, "F*cking freezing!"


OMG! The Grapes Inn, Slingsby: just the best pub grub ever! Lucky find while in area for @letouryorkshire #BikeRacesTakeYouToTheBestPlaces


Prepaid mobile on the continent: expensive & mountains of paperwork. Prepaid mobile in the UK: no ID, no paper, cheap as, free roaming! grin


Ferry to Dover. BBC on TV & surrounded by poms reading papers & drinking tea. Voice on PA just plugged Pina Coladas at the bar! #Classy wink


Pratiwi: "Are you going cycling today?" Me: [checks weather] "F*ck that!" cry Hmmmmm... any nice pubs around here? wink


Heading to the UK. Was going to go straight there but passing Bruges a quick stop was suddenly too tempting, & easy! grin Such is life now wink

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Germany, Netherlands, Belgium - Spring '15

Work in progress...

Thailand & Indonesia, March '15

Work in progress...

Tour de France 2014 - Stage 18

It's not like we planned it this way, but one cannot visit France while Le Tour is on and not got and see a stage. Unlike 2012 this was a short trip though, so just the one stage this year.

However, the chosen stage was the final foray into the mountains for the race and we managed to position ourselves on the final HC climb. Usually one would take a bike and ride up the final climb before finding a spot to watch. Due to injury this wasn't an option, but we found a great spot on the first decent kick of the climb a couple kilometres from the left turn to Hautacam. And sat. And waited.

In previous years I've enjoyed taking 'serious' pictures at races but again, due to only the single stage this year, decided to stick to 'fun' pictures that tried to capture the atmosphere. Hopefully that comes over.

As the race came by I stuck a fisheye lens on the camera and held it in my uphill hand with one finger on the shutter. Yes, this produced a lot of rubbish, but it also got a few good shots and importantly it meant I could watch all the action up close without being stuck behind a viewfinder.

The most interesting thing about the whole day was that you'd think this would feel like hours of waiting - but not at all. So much happening, people to chat to and things to see. Even with the 2-4km walk up and back it's highly recommended... but next time we'll be on a bike for sure!

Europe Jul/Aug '14

We weren't really planning on having a European holiday this year, but circumstances conspired against us. So... erm... who were we to argue? smile

This was only three weeks, but we squeezed in some of our favourite places in the French Pyrenees (including a stage of Le Tour of course), before finding some new favourites to add!

Then over to the Ariege, on to England where we almost saw some blue skies (yes - in the 'summer' even!) before back to France, Andorra (a bit quiet but Vall d'Incles - wow!) and finally a couple of nights in Barcelona.


Kangaroo Valley, Easter '14

It's been so long since we got out of the 'city' (such as Sydney is) an Easter break was on the cards.

Pratiwi was missing the rolling green hills of Europe and Kangaroo Valley in Autumn is probably one of the closest places to Sydney to find that. Who was I to complain, as it's also one of the closer places with some half decent road climbs would be nice to test the legs and see if they still work on 500m+ climbs. Luckily all good in that department!

And also lucky: perfect weather all weekend and beautiful views from the cottage accommodation.

Smiles all round smile

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