Ski Alpe'd Huez, Feb '12

This was a kind of pre-holiday holiday wink

En-route to our longer term accommodation in the South of France we managed to find time to get in a week of skiing in Alpe d'Huez.

The season this year had been a bit lacking in snow and warm weather didn't really help skiing conditions, but... it's not very often you get to hit the piste in glorious spring sunshine for the whole week. One really can't complain at all! smile


Arrived in a sunny Alpe d'Huez to see the sun falling on the slopes. Should provide some excellent spring skiing smile


View from our balcony this morning (I was outside in my PJs - it's warm!). Yes - it's going to be a tough day wink


Turns out it was a hard day wink Joking aside though, it really was tough for my ancient boots which fell apart! sad


Views down the valley en-route to Oz-en-Oisans... and some treats for happy skiers on our return smile


I love Tartiflette but can't eat creme, so had to cry into my dish of lamb shank while Pratiwi enjoyed hers wink


Our hotel here in Alpe d'Huez this time: Le Printemps de Juliette. Can you spot the subtle theme they have going? wink


Huge choice of all you can eat desert for 6€. Dangerous if the main wasn't so enormous neither of us had room for it!


Pratiwi enjoying a little treat from the patisserie that seems to have become a breakfast staple already!


Scenes from a mountain: part III. Views from 2800m, Signal & the restaurant at lunch smile


Dinner of duck & lamb in a very nice cost restaurant. Yuuuuum tongue


Today's views: from the top of the Pic Blanc & Sarenne Gorge. Melt-water falls show how hot it is. Phew!


Spot the difference today? Someone's on a rest day and someone else deserves a beer after his energetic morning smile


Shopping for treats for our picnic lunch in the local patisserie. Hmmmmmmmm... smile


Almost didn't go to Vaujany, but beautiful run & what a view coming back! Plus snaps from earlier inc. our picnic smile


Not for the squeamish wink Dinner of very rare wild boar which was excellent, and more duck for Pratiwi. Yuuuum tongue


The last day's views from the slopes, on the way to Auris en Oisans. And the biggest mogul field I've ever seen!


Very lazy week skiing. Still 29 hours, 272km & 27,345m vertical. We leave Alpe d'Huez tomorrow to return in summer smile


Time to say goodbye to the alpine sunshine & Alpe d'Huez. Sigh. Despite the dodgy snow it's been a fantastic week! grin