Faucon (Provence), Apr/May '12

Part two of our South of France trip saw us arriving in an unseasonably cold Provence and looking out of the gite window at rolling fields of vines on to the looming mass of Mont Ventoux.

Another wonderful home from home with a little log burning stove for heating which got a good workout for a couple of weeks until the sun decided to shine. Not that the weather would stop the riding, maybe just delay the inevitable assault on Ventoux - the headline of this stay of course.

Aside from the cycling, which is truly amazing in this part of the world (many cols and valleys to explore aside from the main event of Ventoux) we really enjoyed a lot more relaxation and the chance to discover numerous gems here in Provence.

The astute viewer will notice that Pratiwi & I were joined by her sister for a short part of the time here which made the stay even more enjoyable.


Evening arrival at our 2nd gite. View from the bedroom shows Ventoux shrouded in cloud. Other hills look nice too! grin


Integrating at the local 'Flower Festival'. Not many flowers, but they had crêpes & other goodies so who cares? wink


Winter hasn't quite let go yet with some chilly nights. So we get to enjoy the log burner - in more ways than one wink


For those curious as to why I haven't mentioned riding Mont Ventoux yet... the view from our bedroom explains it wink


View NE-ish from Col d'Ey, 2nd of 3 cols on the morning ride. The descent was awesome, and final one even more so! grin


Le Mont Ventoux. Last snow of spring in the last light of day.


The girls at dinner in Vaison-la-Romaine. A little celebration as it's been a while smile


Upon discovering la supermarché closes midday on a Sunday one just has to make do with wares from la boulangerie wink


As it was covered in cloud, only shots from top of Mt Ventoux are pretty poor sad Nice views half way down though smile


What a beautiful ride this morning with Pratiwi. Stopped for many pictures and a slice (or 2) of cake in Brantes smile


Friday morning markets at Carpentras. Lots more goodies collected for lunch smile


Ideally the tower on Ventoux should be silhouetted by this 'super moon' but it wasn't to be. Oh well - next time wink


Part of this morning's ride passed from Suzette to Malaucène. Great views on this stretch & a great ride of course smile


Had an easy ride with the ladies today. Here's Pratiwi and Vicki and the view from just below Col de Propiac smile


Hmmmmm... roast chicken for lunch. Although the Indonesian interpretation of roast potatoes is a little unusual wink


A glorious day here to head back up Mt Ventoux. Could actually see something other than cloud at the top! smile


A 2nd trip to Avignon is a bit nicer. Lesson: do not approach a city from it's train station for the best impression.


Time for a quick look at Le Barroux. Or the view to be more precise. Think I prefer mountains to plains though.


Lunch in Malaucène. Entrée and main... don't think desert was on the table long enough for a picture wink


Trip computer said 95km range left but thought it time to refuel. Still, 822km since last time is pretty good, eh? smile


Wasn't going to go riding this arvo (it's a bit windy & want to watch the Giro). But now thinking I perhaps should tongue


Views from this morning's jolly (but rather cold and windy would you believe?!) ride over a few cols.


Vulture spotting on the cliffs above Rémuzat. Got some half decent shots & amazing to see these guys flying so close.


Views from the road, above St May, from above Rémuzat, South of Col de Soubeyrand & South Col d'Ey. Great day out.


Earlier today: View passing Montbrun-les-Bains & later water stop. The sun is shining again after few days of rain smile


A bit late maybe, but time for a look round the medieval bit of Vaison-la-Romaine. Very nice. Plus lunch of course tongue


Crazy light this evening. Little more so due to processing perhaps? Car will be for sale next year if you fancy it wink


Last day here in Faucon: time to pack for some. For others the sun is out & there are still new roads to ride! grin wink


Last Faucon ride done (sob!). Bike wash done. Time to hang on the drying tree before being packed for the trip ahead.


Time to leave Faucon so a quick reminder of what has been a wonderful home for the last 6 weeks. We'll miss it here


Routes cycled around Faucon. Ventoux is the grey-ish blob top/centre. Look at all those juicy cols & valleys too! grin