Switzerland, Aug '12

Switzerland: I'd been here before (many years ago) and Pratiwi had seen the pictures. Perhaps this was the most eagerly anticipated leg of the summer? It didn't disappoint either: Switzerland is just stunningly beautiful in the countryside and very clean and efficient in the cities. What's not to love?

We briefly caught up with old friends in Zurich before heading for the hills. Verbier & Interlaken to be precise.

The only downside to this country is the cost of living. Wow! This is why we brought the tent! After sharing a pretty cramped, but as it turned out enjoyable random time in Verbier there was an amazing five days of camping in Interlaken. Would you believe that we have stayed at hotels (really comfortable ones too) in France that are cheaper than the cost of camping here?!

This being the mountains there were also some very stormy nights, but better rain when you are sleeping, eh?

Stunning views both when cycling and hiking. Couldn't have asked for more from this all to brief stay.


Pratiwi enjoying Switzerland... somewhere near Alt St Johann.


... and a good night was had by all! Catching up in Zurich. Plus the fantastic ribs that came earlier. Yum! tongue


Drive & short walk up to the Hochwacht tower. Beautiful day, & view from the top was quite good as you would expect!


These pick-your-own-leave-some-cash flower fields seem to be popular in a few European countries. Brilliant!


Down on Jucker Farm. Enjoying huge slice of cake & apple juice, which was superb despite looking like dirty water! wink


In a rather overcast Montreux for lunch & a little messing about. Great weather if you're a... well... have a look wink


Part way up the road to Verbier... Looooove the mountains smile


Enjoying drinks in the Verbier sun while waiting for the access to the accommodation to show up... no rush wink


Despite our apprehension, @aglogan did OK on the accommodation front wink Evening view from the balcony in Verbier smile


Morning views from the balcony here in Verbier. Hmmmmmm... smile


From today's ride: End of the road above Verbier. Or rather where it becomes gravel a short way below Croix de Coeur.


Lac de Mauvoisin. A dam if the tunnels & wall don't give it away wink How much better would it be without those though?


Another beautiful picnic spot for lunch, this time by Lake Thun.


Good morning Switzerland! Another beautiful day starts in Interlaken grin


Just got back from cycling round Lake Brienz. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! wink


Great day! Morning cycle round the lake, arvo paddle on the lake. Find mobile roast chicken stand (yum!) & relax! grin


A misty start to the morning looking down over Lake Brienz & Interlaken.


Views on the train from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte... not your average morning commute! grin


Hiking on Schynige Platte. Amazing! Just a short one today, but would love to return & continue all the way to First!


Train ride back down to Wilderswil. Same views but different. Not that you could get bored of looking at this!


Looking down the valley, over the roofs of Lauterbrunnen. Then a quick look at it's famous Staubbach Falls.


Dinner at Hotel Oberland. I have slab of pork wrapped in bacon on rösti, all topped with herb butter stuff. Yum! tongue


Final destination of the day is Grindelwald. Think it's safe to say we saved the best 'til last & timing was good! grin


After some very active days this morning's ride to Grosse Scheidegg was a struggle. Lucky there were views to enjoy!


In Basel for the morning so a bit of shopping (hmmm... brot und kuchen!) & look about. Nice, clean, efficient: Swiss!