Lavin, Sep '12

Another few days in Switzerland, and what a great spot Lavin turned out to be. Chosen at random on the route through the mountains, for no other reason that it was around half way to the next stop in Italy, this really was a find.

The valley here is beautiful and some nice passes to cycle up one day, and forested areas to walk in the next.

Then, as seems to be the case for our time in Switzerland, it was all over far too quickly and time to move on. Sigh...


A random view from the Swiss road. The village right is Saas im Prättigau. Beautiful place to wait for a bus smile


Davos, en-route to Lavin. Huge ski area & home to WEF, but not very exciting in summer. Interesting sculpture though.


Last pass of the day between Davos & Lavin. The Flüela Pass. At 2383m so a bit bare! Of course will cycle this too smile


Arriving at the next hotel... and here's the view from our room over the rooftops of Lavin. Niiiice grin


Dinner in Lavin. Wild deer (it's hunting season) & sausage skewers. And desert of course. Yum! tongue


Good morning Lavin! The slightly misty view from our room.


Wasn't really expecting this... great sunset from our room in Lavin. Crazy sky looks like some kind of painting!


Having dinner in Lavin. Don't pick up the wrong glass! wink


Another fantastic, misty sunrise in Lavin. Gotta love waking up and opening the curtains here! smile


Crush Alba in Lavin. See the bike connection? Vintage TdF prints decorate the walls inside & local riding is great!


Tarasp castle, overlooking the village of the same name. What a great tip from the hotelier to visit here!


A walk around Tarasp, Avrona & Lai Nair (sort of mountain peat bog place - hence the boards). Beautiful day for it smile


Tarasp: a typical Swiss mountain village... with a castle. Beautiful blue skies and flowers everywhere. Niiiice!


Mountain flowers, meadows & forests. Looking down the valley to Scuol, from up by Tarasp.


Lunch overlooking Scuol. Kindof 'sculpture' here with pipes one can look through to identify mountain peaks. Cool smile