Venice, Sep '12

It's kind of a 'must see' city in Italy so off we went for a quick couple of days in Venice. This involved lots and lots of walking around, and personally, being rather amazed at how the place survives as it does.

It's a crazy, crazy place, that feels almost unreal at times, or like a theme park. Until you realise that this place is real and it's what a lot of places are actually themed on! I think the feeling comes from narrow streets that might as easily be corridors in a mall. Combined with shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. at every turn - well, around the 'main' sights at least. Just like the planners in any modern development, every last inch of space is at a premium and appears to have been utilised.

There's not much more to say that the pictures don't convey. Enjoy!

As a side issue I should add that there seem to be a lot more people milling around than when I was last here (also in the off season in 1997) - tourism must certainly be on the rise!


Lunch in Venice: couple slices of pizza in this quite little square. Tranquillity before hitting the tourist madness!


Overcast today. We wondered randomly for miles just taking in the atmosphere. Such a unique place & crazy busy!


Poor light? Take it as an opportunity to try some different post-processing. Like this view from Ponte di Rialto.


Lot of masks for sale here. Even we picked one up at what seemed like an authentic studio. Not for me of course wink


After nasty looking clouds most of the day... boom! Luckily this passed quickly, & the sun even tried to come out smile


Breakfast in Venice. Course 1 of 4... or was that 5?... 6? Kindof lost count wink Not too shabby either way! tongue


Sunshine! Then if the hotel is to arrange a free water taxi to Murano (as any good one will), who are we to argue? smile


Glass demo. Stallion & bowl: 2 minutes each. Shame they don't show how those $10,000 pieces upstairs are made! sad


More Venice randomness...


A sunny lunchtime in and around Piazza San Marco. Yup - is a bit busy. Imagine if this was actually tourist season?!


Taking a break. Oh look, a café. Oh look, tiramisu & coffee. Don't worry, I had a treat too but don't look as nice wink


When in Venice... she made me do it! And I'd never admit it was actually rather entertaining. No, never! wink


Down at the Ponte di Rialto. In the sun even. Nice. Busy as always though!


Canal-side dinner. Italian dishes look a bit Spartan, huh? It's that 1st/2nd course thing. Lucky they have desert! wink