Visiting the market hall in Tarbes. So... here's the obligatory 'piles of bread & cheese' pictures! wink


Little trip to market today. We didn't pick up much, but how good does this slab of pork look? grin Nom, nom, nom tongue


Always nice to look around local markets. Here's the weekly Argelès-Gazost one. Plenty colourful even in winter! smile


Mercado do Bolhão in Porto. Lots of seafood & fruit & chillies & colour. Oh... & some Port Wine for the tourists wink


Entering Porto Market (Mercado do Bolhão) we found an entertaining band of musicians. Nice way to start our day here.


Look at all that fresh fish & meat. Easy to see why one has to be up early to see it! Lovely colours. So interesting.


Early on at the 'outside' bit of Ubud market. Lots of flowers & the little religious offerings one sees everywhere.


Up early to visit Ubud market before tourist trash comes out. Priorities for Pratiwi though: breakie like a local!


Jogjakarta bird market. Some pets, some food, some fighters. Many other animals too. All seems a bit cruel though sad


Scenes from a small market in Jogjakarta. And some that we passed while wondering along in the heat beforehand. Phew!


Dinner & shopping in Phuket Town. But mostly dinner. Finished off with durian & beer (yes, beer) from a local grocer.


Awoke in cloud so went to local market in Arrens-Marsous. Very friendly butcher invited Pratiwi to join the staff! grin


Stumbled across this colourful market today. Don't know what that half sandwich like snack is, but looks goooood! tongue


Friday morning markets at Carpentras. Lots more goodies collected for lunch smile


Uzes & it's market on a Saturday. The tiny streets & walkways packed. We picked up some spices & local jams. Yum tongue