Today's stroll, only 10 mins from home, Courades de Bazust. Nice to be back doing close to 'proper' hiking smile


Beautiful day! Should be skiing, but leg not great & all sad Lucky views on our short local walk never disappoint smile


Normal programming will resume shortly smile But after 3 months off even trundle to next village with Pratiwi not easy!


Lovely autumn day in Lourdes. Time to take a stroll through the Sanctuary.


Wondering above the Col des Palomieres. Not been for a while & good to be back! Awesome autumn day doesn't hurt! grin


Day out in the big city... wink Oooh, they have a proper curry house here. Jalfrezi please! Nom, nom, nom! Cheers! tongue


Neighbour has vicious new guard dog. Almost lost a limb today & thankful that gate is there! wink Soooooooooooo Cute grin


Hmmmmmmm.... pizzaaaaaaaaa tongue :P tongue ... and some tartiflette for good measure. Burp! grin


Snowshoeing at Payolle. Fabulous day. Am not convinced odd footwear was required but it made things entertaining wink


Post skiing treats: Vin chaud & blueberry tart. Nom, nom, nom! tongue Oh, and coffee for someone else for some reason wink


XC Skiing at Payolle. Thank you Claire, our very patient guide, for showing the way. What a perfect day for it! smile


Bonjour from the Grand Tourmalet. Awesome day on the piste. Imagine when the other half of the resort is open! wink grin


Pratiwi didn't want to go for a short stroll today, but after being talking into it, turns out it was fun! grin


Little walk up near Col des Palomières. Not bad for the first day of winter! Making some new friends too smile


Patisserie didn't have the cake we wanted (it's not strawberry season). Oh well, will have to pick something else! wink


Lac de Gaube. Frozen. Wow! View aside, sound of the ice popping & cracking echoing around was absolutely incredible!


Little stream near at Pont d'Espagne. Half frozen there's a tiny waterfall created by the ice here. Cool!


Lunch at Payolle. I guess there are perks to having to do this tourist thing after all! wink Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


Late afternoon Autumnal stroll. Saw a pheasant up here & chased him out of the bracken when he hid in there. Cool! smile


Another glorious day... perfect for a spin in the sun with Pratiwi grin grin


Random hike up a nearby hill: Plateau d'Esquiou. Pratiwi said was a bit steep near the top. But it's a plateau! wink tongue


Lovely day & Pratiwi said we should go cycling. Never let it be said I don't pander to her every wish! wink #ToughGig


Heading out to lunch with the local bike club. Random view on the trip there. Lovely & warm in the sunshine today smile


We've been provided with a lovely traditional room this evening. Little nippy here but so comfy & cosy in that bed!


Last minute decision to take in a concert. In the cheap seats! wink grin wink grin wink


Bonjour Paris! And... au revoir. Not a bad morning for a quick walkabout.


Strolling streets of Saint-Germain. These food shops & people eating on the street helping us working up an appetite!


Free WiFi/charging desk at Tarbes train station. Well... free so long as you pedal. Great idea & saw kids using it!


Lunch with friends after a damp walk. Advantage of chilly conditions: the restaurant is serving vin chaud. Cheers!


Chatting to local about huge mushrooms he just picked from his field. He insisted we take them to try. So lucky! Yum!


Same road as last time, just bit slower today wink Must have been the clouds holding us back. Right girls? wink grin tongue wink


Spectacular autumn afternoon in the French Pyrenees, and always a pleasure visiting this spot. Happy Birthday Liz! grin


Chatting to the neighbours... Moooooooo! smile


Lovely Autumn day and just wondering around in the Pyrenean foothills. Sunshine. Fresh air. Tranquillity. Perfect.


Countryside walkies. It's 'walkies' as neighbour's dog decided to tag along. She's smart, knows not to chase cows! smile


Another difficult day in Southern France wink Hanging with friends while they force food & drink on us. Thanks guys! grin


Quick lunch stop. Tried Parisienne Bruschetta to discover it's cheese on toast with ham! wink Very nice though. Nom! tongue


Evening walk between the cornfields. Val d'Adour, French Pyrenees.


Little trip to market today. We didn't pick up much, but how good does this slab of pork look? grin Nom, nom, nom tongue


Pratiwi hasn't been up this road before but quite likes the view. Maybe she should ride a bike more? wink #FamousClimb


Post-recovery, recovery wink Cheers from Saint-Lary-Soulan! grin


Didn't know what this dish was, but took it anyhow. Turns out to be deep fried cheese with jam on top. Soooo good! grin


When in Spain... grin Loving this tapas bar in Urtau Arties (Valle de Aran). It's an amazing place! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Hike to Estany de Gerber, past another two smaller lakes. This pretty high up in the Spanish Pyrenees, around 2150m.


Andorran pizza. It might be the middle of summer, but in the shade it's still a bit chilly up here so went down well!


Family dinner in Quillan. I'm not easily impressed by salad, but... that's not bad! Prefer my choice mind! wink tongue


Outrageously good dinner tonight. Soooo good & so much too. Had to take a doggy bag which was our lunch the next day!


Evening snack: Beer, baguette, roquefort, rillettes de canard. Yum! While Pratiwi went for coffee & cake. Durh! tongue wink


Bagneres-de-Bigorre fete. Few early snaps in the market hall with freshly sliced prosciutto, drinks & other goodies.


As rock'n'roll as it gets in the French countryside: local singers at a campsite. At least there was free alcohol! wink