Great to be back on the MTB! Almost 4 years since I last touched those bikes & they ride like new! wink Incredible! grin


Today's stroll, only 10 mins from home, Courades de Bazust. Nice to be back doing close to 'proper' hiking smile


Another hideous Xmas in the French Pyrenees... Yeah... it's a tough life here... wink Merry Christmas smile


Bah... tongue Humbug... tongue Grumble... tongue Grumble... tongue Erm... I mean... Merry Christmas Everyone!


TdF time! Always entertaining smile No pictures of the actual race because I was too busy watching & waving the 'roo! grin


Remember that cold snap yesterday? Nah, us neither! wink Wonderful evening at Golf de Bigorre smile


Today we made the 'mistake' of trying a very small ski station at a very busy time in very hot weather. Oh well... wink


Snowshoeing at Payolle. Fabulous day. Am not convinced odd footwear was required but it made things entertaining wink


XC Skiing at Payolle. Thank you Claire, our very patient guide, for showing the way. What a perfect day for it! smile


Apres ski in a nice cosy bar. Love Pratiwi's bowl of hot chocolate, but went something more refreshing wink Cheers! grin


Back up the Col du Tourmalet. Although something's a little bit different this time... wink grin


Another perfect day on the slopes. Lucky at least one of us changed something in their outfit! wink


Bonjour from the Grand Tourmalet. Awesome day on the piste. Imagine when the other half of the resort is open! wink grin


Bike club dinner. No-one behind because us newbie pommies sat at the last table. Don't worry, we weren't alone! wink grin


Xmas 2016. Fabulous lunch with fabulous views & fabulous friends. How much fabulous can you handle? grin Hic! grin wink


Happy holidays to all! Wonderful xmas eve dinner with friends here. Thx for that & lending us a tree for this shot wink


Afternoon stroll: Col de Beyrede to ridge above. Just made snow line. Spectacular & one of the best short walks here!


Bonjour Paris! And... au revoir. Not a bad morning for a quick walkabout.


Dinner in Paris. Rather nice Coq au vin for me, something odd for her wink Sitting watching the world go by. Cheers!


La Chouffe is fantastic beer & rare to find it on tap. Cheers! grin #CentralParisPricesMadeThisMostExpensivePintEver!


Short walk near Lac de Payolle. Well, it' can't be glorious sunshine all the time & besides, I quite like the mist tongue


Post-recovery, recovery wink Cheers from Saint-Lary-Soulan! grin


Beautiful day for a recovery ride in the vallée d'Aure. Full on 'recovery' too, my heart rate average was 88bpm grin wink


Hike to Estany de Gerber, past another two smaller lakes. This pretty high up in the Spanish Pyrenees, around 2150m.


Let's take a selfie! wink Oh... and another picture of the cows. Because you can never have enough pictures of cows! wink


Lunch date at Payolle. Special day or something wink The confit du canard & gateau basque awesome & very affordable! grin


Impromptu dinner. French moule frite very nice, but sorry, still not as good as the Belgiums! Great dessert though tongue


I did say we couldn't get a whole leg due to lack of slicing equipment in the snail. Lucky we're visiting friends! smile


Haven't done anything touristy for a while so: Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. Yes, it's tough being a tourist! wink


Post lunch walk home along the beach. Think that sangria is still working on someone wink grin


Great tapas bar in Sitges. Fresh kebabs, sausages, etc. came round regularly. Yum! tongue Sangria seems effective too! wink


Is tricky to find a good curry in Europe so just this once happy to enjoy some 'Brits Abroad' dining wink tongue Cheers! grin


Lovely sunny bike path cruise with Pratiwi. Then I nipped up Hautacam. You know, just because it's right there! grin wink


Planned a little walk up to the Pibeste this morning. Sadly cut short, but what we did manage was really very nice!


Visiting the gite we first stayed in back in 2012. View here is always fantastic. Esp. on another sunny winter's day!


Happy times in Porto. What an wonderful, beautiful place. Especially on a day like today. We loved it here! smile :) smile


Having fun in Cares Gorge. Perfect day for a hike! grin


Stroll along the coast around Cancale. Past local festivities. Oysters everywhere! Don't worry, we had some later tongue


Here we are on the edge of Preikestolen. Major goal of the trip & didn't disappoint! Simply breathtaking. Literally!


Solvorn-Ornes ferry on foot. Bit nippy & breezy on fjord (Lustrafjorden that is). Typical Norwegian experience! wink


Geirangerfjord from Flydalsjuvet. Road with all the hairpins at far end is Ornesvingen where I was riding repeats grin


Start of short hike up to Vesterasfjellet. We had to go by the 'waterfall steps' again. Much better with sunshine smile


This is Viewpoint Rampestreken. Rather spectacular... to anyone not spoilt by hiking here over Romsdalseggen ridge wink


On the Romsdalseggen ridge. All smiles now the mist has cleared smile


Short hike up to Roche des vieux chevaux (great views down to the site we're staying at) & Lac de Lispach.


Roaming London like a couple of backpackers wink In past life I would walk through Liverpool St station daily. Surreal!


Small cafe/beer garden near Birkweiler. Been ill last few days but now this is beginning to feel like a holiday! grin


Fooling around with selfies. Please forgive us, but this is the very spot where we were married. Happy memories smile


There comes a time one simply can't eat more fried banana. Luckily, cafes, tea & cake are here for such moments wink tongue


Dinner at Murni's Warung. Sorry, it's been a long day. Well, for some, who were up running at sunrise if you recall!