Liechtenstein, Sep '12

Well - it's a different country so get's a separate page, but this was just a very, very brief look around the capital (Vaduz) out of curiosity more than anything else.

We were passing by and due to not being listed on the international vehicle insurance decided to park just over the border and stroll across into Vaduz. Hardly a chore in the sunshine that we found perpetually shines on Liechtenstein wink

The place is claimed to have the highest GDP per capita in the world (when adjusted by purchasing power parity) and lowest unemployment rate in the world aside from Monaco. All this should add up to a very nice, clean interesting place to visit. However, it struck me more like how walking into the home of a very rich, but very distant relative or friend would be: everything was spotless, but, like the games room, office, home cinema, wine cellar, etc. at the home you've visited would be, most of Vaduz seemed to be locked up and not for public eyes. This seemed a shame, because I'm sure there are some gems here to see if only one knew where to look.

Oh well - at least they had left some more durable objets d'art in what appeared to be the main street for us commoners to be... erm... slightly confused by wink


The last surviving wooden bridge over the Rhine... & inside. Used by walkers, cyclists & horses so mind your step! wink


Vaduz Castle as seen from the Rhine. Looks worth a visit, no? But (see below)... wink


Gratuitous border shot wink But footpath abruptly stopped on Liechtenstein side so went back & used the wooden bridge.


Some snaps from the rather pleasant streets of Vaduz. Nice locked gates and closed doors everywhere though sad


I don't know what 'Professional Bodysugaring' is, but if it helps keep unemployment here at 1.5% then go for it! wink


It's a rather steep walk up to Vaduz Castle. View over the city below (and mountains beyond) is pretty nice though.


Vaduz Castle: closed to public as royal family lives here. Doh! Should tell tourists this at bottom of the hill wink


Art installations in central Vaduz. Guess they can indulge with one of world's highest incomes & lowest crime rates!