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Given I'm mainly too lazy/busy (take your pick) to write a full 'blog very often there's now a Microblog which you'll also find on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe a few other places too.

Microblog... everyday ramblings interspersed with posts from trips and other activities.


Random pics in Arrens-Marsous on today's ride. Beautiful! Perfect weather, quiet roads & feeling great. Happy days smile


Post-ride beer. No view as watching Giro on delay. And yes, not staged, kitchen island really does look like this! wink


Enjoying little song & dance show from our neighbour Mr Pheasant wink He likes to come by every dawn & dusk around now!


Obligatory cliff edge shots from Siurana. Spot Pratiwi? wink & a few in the village. Lovely here in spring sunshine smile


Descent from Bielsa tunnel into France. Welcome home smile Nice drive up other side in Spring sunshine but no pics. Doh!


Heading North from Prades we passed mile after mile of beautiful wildflower meadows. A very calming drive smile


Town square in the lovely mountain village of Prades. Naturally there's an awesome tapas bar here. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Cruising the Prades Mountains. Awesome quiet roads, views from every one. More kays & climbing than Tourmalet loop!


Cliff-edge walk around Siurana. Wow! Reminiscent of Blue Mountains. You know, except for the 900 year old church! wink


Today's shopping: self grips (light use only!) & few pints of Franziskaner on special. #BlokesAtTheSupermarket wink grin

The below are collections of posts/images organised by trip or subject or other events. Click on the title or image to view each.

Lisbon city break - March '22

Originally planned in March 2020 (do you see the issue!) a long postponed trip finally arrives!

Plenty of walking to balance the mountains of delicious food we ate... and a few cultural venues too.

It was pretty grey and sometimes wet out but nothing us mountain folk can't handle wink

Lots left to see and do for the next time. Hopefully not another 20 years! Last time here was December 2002 for new years!

Lot, Tarn & around - June 2020

With 2020 being bit of a trying year decided to take things easy and have just a quick trip in June. Few nights away not far from home but even though, there was plenty to see and explore. Very warm period but we survived intact!

France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland - Autumn '19

Work in progress...

Paris long weekend - June '19

When you are asked to meet up in Paris with family flying in from Australia. Oh, OK then wink Not our favourite city but to be honest it grew on me a little this trip. No 'work' and mainly random tourist activities probably helped. As did warm summer days I guess. Although I'm sure plenty would say it was too warm in Paris at this time (it was quite toasty in parts!) - those people should live in Australia before making such complaints though wink

France, Andorra, Spain - Summer '16

Summer 2016 was spent mostly... playing in the mountains smile

We did move a bit, but even then, it was just to another part of the mountains wink

This topic will likely be the last episode in a while because life seems to be settling down into a more easy way of life without much movement. Well, at least for a few months it will be that way. Travel pics will likely return next year.