Dinner in Maison Bonnet, Itxassou. Really great flavours & beautifully presented. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Too much fun rolling round countryside like this to stop for pics, but got to last descent of day & thought I should!


Views from roads around Col Inharpu. Luckily was pretty much deserted - sheep aside wink - as not much space to pass!


Auberge d'Ahusquy. Spectacular views. Unbelievable food. Enough said.


Finally up close with wild boar! Luckily seem uninterested in an Indo snack wink *May not actually be wild or boars wink


Midday stroll up a random hill. What a view! I can see the pub, erm, auberge from here too! Next stop lunch then! smile


Local horse family came over to say hi as we parked up at this random spot. Not much traffic around as you can guess!


Late lunch of fish & chi... oh wait, my wife is Asian, fish with spicy rice & potatoes wink Nice rose too. Cheers! smile


Today's ride: Unbelievably took top 10 Strava spot up a HC climb! Beautiful day for it too. Smiling all the way! smile


Dinner with the sis again! At one of our local faves. Great food on the terrace. Never disappoints. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Spotted (barely!) on today's morning stroll: Camo Horse! A new bread of superhero?? wink


Happy anniversary to us! smile In town for little drink watching the world go by then great lunch at O2C. Nom, nom, nom!


Just back from hols mostly riding in mountains & by lakes. What to do? Cycle Lac d'Estaing for more of the same! grin


Ooooooh... ahhhhhh grin Fireworks & crowds for Bastille Day celebrations, Bagneres-de-Bigorre. Bonne fete nationale! smile


Small wildflower patch I planted in the lawn. Seems a success? Erm, I think? Is this what it's supposed to look like?


Beautiful early morning walk in Astugue. If you know where to look, you can see our house from here smile


Holiday over. 8 hours sorting garden in 32C heat. Mowing & trimming. Phew! Bit scruffy still, but better than it was!


Obligatory, "We're on a road trip across France in July", picture grin


Dinner with sis who's more into wine than smiling for a selfie wink Frogs legs, 7hr leg of lamb & soft choco cake. Nom!


Random rest stop overlooking Viaduc de Garabit. Build by Eiffel (you know, the tower guy) so an historical monument!


Nice spin in Parc naturel regional des Volcans d'Auvergne. Quite a mouthful! But great park could spend more time in.


Place we fancied for lunch in Charolles full so ate snails, duck & creme brulee in Digoin instead. Could be worse! wink


Easy morning ride through vineyards & villages of southern Bourgogne. Impressive monastery in Rimont. Lovely area.


Sunset at Lac de Vaivre. Parked up in a quiet spot by this lake. Very nice & thankful it's still not peak season smile


In German industrial area picking up snail part. Kebab shop here has huge plate easily enough for 2 & delish! Nom! tongue


German supermarket. Hallo! Showed great restraint only buying 2 cases. Few bottles of fave weizenbier too. Prost! grin


Had a wonderful dinner in the town square here in Staufen. Love towns & villages like this. So colourful & historic.


Huge post-ride dinner of German goodies: Schnitzels, chips, pork & spaetzle. Strudel & of course beer. Hits the spot!


Today's ride: awesome Black Forest tonne... & a bit! grin Bit toasty (cue obligatory ass sweat picture). Erm, sorry? wink


In a bakery for dessert: huge slab of layered sponge & cream cake covered in marzipan & chocolate. Unusual & v. good!


Willkommen in Deutschland! 2 mins after crossing the border sat with a beer, eating schnitzel & pulled pork. Nom! tongue


Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall (by volume). We were passing so had to have a look, but a little puny TBH tongue


Laufen Castle by Rhine Falls. There's a restaurant with beautiful terrace here, but it's bit warm for a Sunday roast!


Time to leave Lake Lucerne... really love this place. Last of the views on the road above Weggis. Tschuss!


Today's ride. Too spectacular for words! Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, Sattel, Schwyz, Illgau & return. Just wow!


Evening stroll in Vitznau, Lake Lucerne. Interesting train station here: Rigibahn was 1st mountain railway in Europe.


Lucky lunch find: amazing Thai buffet. Saw customers having seconds, followed the lead & had 2 plates like this! Yum!


Random shots from today's instalment of 'Driving Through Switzerland in the Rain'. Bit of a theme forming here!


Yum lunch from Warung Kecil tongue Amazing so nice & sunny given downpour only 1hr earlier - see clouds up valley behind!


Grimsel Pass with an Italian champion. Nice! Was gonna do Furka Pass too but torrential rain came & killed that plan!


Late lunch after a morning's hike. Last of the fresh pasta from Italy sitting under a shady tree. We like it here smile


Onwards & upwards as they say! Last part of today's hike via Windegghutte. Few chains on this climb. Awesome route!


The Trift Bridge. Because why wouldn't you build a rope crossing between cliffs above a glacial lake? A. Maze. Ing!!!


Short & sometimes steep hike up to the Trift Bridge. So lucky it turned out nice smile Sure, this is pretty, but wait...


Rain forecast, but awoke to blue skies so maybe it's our lucky day? Fingers crossed as we hop in this cute telecabin.


Stumbled across on this evening's walk: Aareschlucht Ost train station. Sliding doors in side of a mountain. So cool!


Quite a drive today so short evening walk to get the legs moving. Parked up in Aareschlucht, Switzerland. Very nice!


Awesome Swiss public BBQ pit. With firewood provided! Right by a spring on small riverside walking trail. Very nice!


Driving the Susten Pass (2,264m) in rain & fog. You'd think it would suck but: wow! Love me some misty mountains! grin


Stay on target. Stay on target!!! Erm... I mean... driving the Gotthard tunnel wink Almost 17km long so plenty of this!