Wondering around Vilanova i la Geltru between a couple of brief showers. Nice little town, worth a look if passing.


Today's ride: beautiful route from Spanish coast through vineyards, forests, hills & back. Springtime perfection! smile


The Ferreres Aqueduct: wow! Not in bad shape for a 2000 year old pile of rocks! Love that we can walk over it too! smile


Starting the weekend right with little Saturday morning stroll on the beach smile


Beach-side apperos/dinner. Fried anchovies for me but ordered paella for 2 in error so had to help Pratiwi. Oops! wink


Vilaplana church. Great ride from the Med through villages like this, forests & climbs. Perfect weather. Love it! smile


Rubbish weather at home, so let's go to Spain! grin Fantastic lunch in Ainsa en route to the Med. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Enjoying little song & dance show from our neighbour Mr Pheasant wink He likes to come by every dawn & dusk around now!


Today's ride: beautiful spin in spring sunshine. Random photo stop in Saint-Sever-de-Rustan (abbey in background).


13 days ago was skiing fresh powder here. Now epic snow walls for today's ride! + few zones of, erm, CX training? wink


Great 61km ride + 90 minutes yard-work + 750ml bottle of Kwak on the terrace = satisfying afternoon/evening! #LifeIsGood smile


Monthly Indonesian lunch. Spot the French influence when we get to dessert (plate 4 of 5!) wink Vive la difference! grin


Closing day at La Mongie. All morning off piste in the fresh stuff. Just a tiny bit soft in arvo. Epic conditions!


Just updated BIOS on my 11 year old laptop for first time ever. Gotta love support for Lenovo gear! Might have to get a WiFi 6 card now wink


Not holiday food! Sunday lunch at home: roast duck, rice, greens & homemade sambal. With a cheeky beer. Yum! tongue


Picked up a hat for shade while working in the garden. Only later did I realise... oh my! What have I become?! sad wink


Lisbon metro. Makes me almost miss such eccentrics. Sign on little trolly reads, "Anything but a backpack day" LOL grin


Sublime meal at O Trigueirinho (Alfama). Garlic pork out of this world. Amazing food for silly small money! Loved it!


We probably shouldn't but it's an international city so by request (Pratiwi!) Peking duck & Korean beef for lunch! wink


St Anthony's Church. Right next to much larger cathedral but much more beautiful from what I can see (am no expert!).


Church of St Dominic. Almost destroyed twice by earthquake & once by fire. Guess it's why there's not much art here!


Ah-ha! Now this one (think) I can name: The Rossio (aka. King Pedro IV Square). Still grey but TBH beats baking sun!


Fantastic dinner of pica-pau (chicken in light gravy made with beer), mushroom rice & sardines. Super nom bargain! tongue


In MNAA at lunch & couldn't find open tapas bar after. Had to settle for snack of pulled pork & cheese balls. Doh! wink


Gallery'd & church'd out but looking for more indoor activity. Money Museum of course! Bit odd, but some cool stuff!


Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (MNAA). Not that we know about art, but spent 3h+ here enjoying the pretty colours wink


Ceramic (tiled) walls are par for the course in Portugal but... well... this wall is a whole new take on that, eh?!


Time Out Market Lisbon: had high hopes but felt too much like a mall food court sad Those doughnuts do look good tho!


On a grey day, every city needs a pink street with rainbow umbrellas above! smile


Wandering few of the more neglected streets in Bairro Alto/Chiado. Still plenty character left here!


Random squares of Lisbon. Please don't ask me to name them all! wink


Churches everywhere in Lisbon. Feels like on every corner! A couple of the more ornate ones we wondered into today.


Doing the tourist thing today so need a photo here in daylight too wink Bit bright this morning but told it won't last.


Lisbon hotel breakie: unlimited pasteis de nata & other goodies. Nom! Gonna need lots of walking to burn this off! grin


Dinner in Alfama: cheese/olives/bread/black pudding & orange/steak/octopus/rice/chips/few veggies/couple beers. Nom!


Well good evening Lisbon! Little stroll around before finding some food. Nice to be back after 20 years or so!


Bit windy out! This could be... erm... interesting! wink First flight in ages - how exciting! grin


Helped a mate with little DIY & was forced to stay for pepper, chorizo & couscous lunch. Beautiful colours & delish!


Sunday lunch: slow cooked pork ribs from local butcher. Nom! There was dessert but didn't last long enough for pic wink


Back from today's ride in the nick of time! Step off bike, crack a beer, watch 6 Nations while I stretch. Great game!


For the record I'd rather have rolling electrical blackouts & 10€/l fuel than pay for Ukrainians to be murdered. Stop Russian imports now!


Today's ride: spring in the air & oh, what's that on yonder hill? Just a millennia old castle - Chateau de Montaner!


Visit to the 'big smoke' - ermmmmmm wink - so lunch out at Thanh Long. Very tasty & only 10E for 3 courses. Bargain! grin


Awesome day on the snow at Luz Ardiden. Panoramic views all round. Really good conditions on & off piste. Good times!


Misty sunset action from the terrace this evening.


Re-hydrating after first mow of year. Parfois il faut etre francais wink Mais ne inquietez pas, Belgique est proche! grin


Meeting sis for lunch. Pics can't do this meal justice. Well worth a 5 hour drive (yes, I know!!!)! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Stopped for a little walk on the way to the supermarket... as you do wink smile


Passing Lac du Gabas out on birthday tonne. Should just make room for all the beer, curry & dessert that's coming! tongue


Happy (early) BD to me! smile Celebrating day before to avoid weekend crowds. Always great food in a local fave. Nom! tongue