England, Jan '13

This was the final leg of our European adventure. Winter in the UK can be fun, especially when you only have to endure a couple of weeks of it before flying off to a Sydney summer. Oh, and being dragged around various cosy city and country pubs by various long lost friends also helped wink

Good times... now... back to reality!


Birthday drinks in London. And quick... take a picture of the traditional English spread before it's gone! wink


Squirrels and other fluffy little wildlife (and some not so little!) in London's Hyde Park. In Winter. Brrrrr!


Be careful feeding the Hyde Park squirrels from your hand... they might take more than you think! wink


Lunch at Royal China. Still some of the best Yum Cha in London. Someone's happy as first we'd had in a year! Yum! tongue


Newman Arms for lunch. Great pies & beer. Great company from way back. They are shy types mind, hence the bokeh wink tongue


The Sun Inn, Bentworth. Another fantastic choice by Mr W. So cosy (necessity in this weather!) & great food. Cheers!


Oh no... not another pub lunch! wink tongue This time it's Barton's Mill. And a snowy stroll by the river after. Nice! smile


Passing through Lincoln so stopped by the cathedral. Unlike most over in France there's no free entry here though sad


Bit of snow in UK = 'traffic chaos' = everyone stays home = empty roads = Basingstoke to Lincoln in 3hr. Suits me! grin


Fish & chips & mushy peas... with champagne? Errrrm... OK wink tongue Very nice they were too! grin