Kangaroo Valley, Easter '14

It's been so long since we got out of the 'city' (such as Sydney is) an Easter break was on the cards.

Pratiwi was missing the rolling green hills of Europe and Kangaroo Valley in Autumn is probably one of the closest places to Sydney to find that. Who was I to complain, as it's also one of the closer places with some half decent road climbs would be nice to test the legs and see if they still work on 500m+ climbs. Luckily all good in that department!

And also lucky: perfect weather all weekend and beautiful views from the cottage accommodation.

Smiles all round smile


View from the cottage here in Kangaroo Valley. Pratiwi finds watching cattle amble about strangely relaxing. Mooooo!


Post ride/run lunch on the verandah. Enjoying the view once more. Nom, nom, nom tongue


1500m climbed in only 60km today. Beautiful views on ride & for refreshments after. More of the same tomorrow please!


Decoration here is from years gone by, but looking at this I can actually see the future. And I mean in a good way smile


Another nice trundle today. Snap of the view towards Kangaroo Valley from part way down Berry Mtn descent. Beautiful!


Lazing in the cottage garden looking at the blue sky, a few clouds & some... erm... purple stuff. Ahhh... relaxing smile


Was a bit of Strade Bianchi on the route today, so Cervelo needs a shower. Bike wash with a view outside our cottage!


Hmmmmm... a tray full of treats! Happy Easter everyone! tongue #chocolate #eggs #bunnies #Cadbury #Lindt


Ah, country Australia. Where else would you see an ad. on TV & the address they give is, "Top of the hill". Quaint or just hillbilly? Hmmmm?


Bit of light pollution from the coast, but still... this star shot from the front porch isn't that bad, huh? smile


You know it's a great location when car hasn't had to move from this spot since arriving Thursday night! #HeadingHome


Easter Monday coffee stop at Mt Cambewarra. Was a lot clearer when I rode up. Moral: cycling always bests driving! grin


The view down to Kangaroo Valley from 'Tourist Drive 7' (yes, that is the name of the road). So green. We like!


Taking a break on the drive home: mid-afternoon walk in Minnamurra Rainforest. Lovely place. #FunnyAutumnColours wink


Minnamurra Falls. Rainforest is nice but light down there is terrible. Slow shutter HDR without a tripod is tricky!