Breakie of ham omelette on baguette. Nom! Beaut morn so ride behind those mountains on horizon planned #Paradise smile


Promo cheese & 44 cent baguette. Bargain lunch! smile Was also leftover cheese as couldn't quite finish it. Bonus! grin wink


Today's boulangerie visits: but who chose most wisely? Coffee & swirl or chicken & avocado baguette? Nom, nom! tongue grin


Good as winning the lottery in France: walking into a boulangerie just as fresh bread comes out of the oven. Yum! tongue


Post ride essentials smile wink Now to sit in the afternoon sun and enjoy. Cheers! grin


Breakfast time! Rest day otherwise there'd be eggs in there too. Love fresh bread & croissant in the morning. Yum! tongue


Evening snack: Beer, baguette, roquefort, rillettes de canard. Yum! While Pratiwi went for coffee & cake. Durh! tongue wink


OMG! Woke up this morning to discover we don't have any bread! Lucky this is France & 2 minutes later we're saved! wink


Fresh baguette delivery in France. Bread here is seldom wrapped & clearly throwing it in an old pipe isn't an issue!


After bit of a long day on the road... simple things sometimes make the best treats. Ahhhh...


Sadly this is a Spanish baguette. But... it's still warm from the oven & I only had to walk 50m to find it. Result!


Post ride refreshments: Fresh baguette, couple of cheeses & Leffe. Le Tour will be on the TV momentarily. #Perfect


No pics of ride today. A couple of the aftermath then wink Think I broke distance & climbing records this week. Yay! grin