Beaut Baronnies ride this morning. Road in the background is typical of the area: nothing straight & nothing flat! grin


Earlier than I would normally go, but lovely ride this morning all the same. Luckily made correct clothing choice wink


Spectacular day on the bike. Loop over the Aspin with this amazing view of the Baronnies on the way home. Perfect! smile


Random villages lucky enough to get some late afternoon sun... not that there's much warmth to it this time of year.


When you don't feel like going high, a nice spin in the foothills is the go. Super quiet roads and views like this.


Toasty today at 34° in the Baronnies! View back to the snowy peaks from near Capvern. Hmmmmmm.... snnnnooooowwwwww wink


Busy day, but got out for lovely spring evening's spin in the Baronnies: tiny, quiet roads & plenty of punchy climbs!