Short walk in Bruniquel. Love off-season tourism, have this beautiful medieval village practically all to ourselves!


Laufen Castle by Rhine Falls. There's a restaurant with beautiful terrace here, but it's bit warm for a Sunday roast!


Today's ride: spring in the air & oh, what's that on yonder hill? Just a millennia old castle - Chateau de Montaner!


Today's ride: rolling along a supply branch of the Canal du Midi. And up to a random castle... because... why not? smile


Ride from the Med coast up brutal climb (20%+ ramps), past vineyards, a castle & lakes. You know, the usual stuff wink


Visit to Castle De Haar, Netherlands. Immaculately restored and kept, it's just beautiful.


Some sights of York before lunch by the river while entertained by local wildlife. Then short stroll on walls. Nice!


Eltz castle, hiding in the hills. Walking down to it has one pondering how many came before in it's 850 year history.


Driving along the Rhine, castle spotting. It's pretty easy as are frequently dotted along the banks. Great history.


Stopping off to look at a castle while we pass. You know... as you do! For the curious: this is Chateau de Mauvezin.


Ch√Ęteau des ducs de Bretagne (Castle of the Dukes of Brittany). On a nasty grey day sad Still looks pretty impressive!


Tarasp castle, overlooking the village of the same name. What a great tip from the hotelier to visit here!


Vaduz Castle: closed to public as royal family lives here. Doh! Should tell tourists this at bottom of the hill wink


Vaduz Castle as seen from the Rhine. Looks worth a visit, no? But (see below)... wink