Beaut day up the Tourmalet, if a tad breezy. Obligatory banana gets defocused as little fluffy clouds look nicer wink


13 days ago was skiing fresh powder here. Now epic snow walls for today's ride! + few zones of, erm, CX training? wink


At last! New signage & decked seating area atop the Tourmalet. So everyone finally knows where your pics are taken wink


Smashed my PR up East side of the Tourmalet. Loving 25-30C temps so pretty Aussie still - locals hate this 'heat'! wink


Riding past snowdrifts in full summer kit: what a day! Personal best time for Tourmalet West too #FasterWithAge wink smile


Beautiful day up top smile Felt knackered when leaving home but much better after this. Wish it was always the way! wink


October Tourmalet in full summer kit. Amazing conditions but think that's last of the year. Now bring on the snow! grin


When visitors ask to ride the Tourmalet. Erm, OK, if we must! wink Social time, so beers at the top. Cheers! grin


Local sightseeing with tourist friends... beautiful day for it.


Today's ride: thinking of something shorter but too nice a day so ended up here. Ooops wink Nice end to a big week smile


Short ride up little hill with a million of my closest friends wink Tourmalet on TdF day. Absolute insanity! Love it!


What a day to see cols with our visitor! Below/in/above clouds. Many cyclists. Cattle & horses. Sunshine happiness smile


Nothing like first Tourmalet of the year to clear the effects of a weekend of slight excess wink Lovely day for it! grin


Back up the Col du Tourmalet. Although something's a little bit different this time... wink grin


31 October yet back atop the Tourmalet in summer riding kit! Twice in 5 days. With weather like this stupid not to wink


Another ride up the Tourmalet & autumn is really kicking in now. Saw some huge vultures while taking pics. Magical!


Another Tourmalet day. Up top then a little way down the West side for a 'different' - it's all relative wink - angle.


Another hideous day up the Tourmalet wink Long way round is so much better when actually eating & drinking enough! grin


Bit hungover so easy spin up the Tourmalet as a cure. Only 46s behind PR. Maybe drinks the eve. before not all bad wink


Salt on jersey is normal but I took ass-sweat to whole new level today wink 100km Tourmalet loop & still 30° at 1700m!


Bit of a struggle up the Tourmalet today. What with heat & running out of water after going long way round. Oops! wink


First Tourmalet ascent of the year. Last 3km closed to cars, but not bikes! grin As usual, sucks to be a car driver! tongue


Cyclists should know this guy: He spends summer atop Col du Tourmalet but prefers to winter in the valley it seems wink


Today's ride in glorious sunshine: Col du Tourmalet. Well... as much as was possible. Didn't bring my skis! wink


Remember Tourmalet is 2115m up, amazing weather this week! Snow coming so cyclists: get up there while you can! grin wink


Col du Tourmalet today. Can you believe it's almost winter!? Few mins off a PB but came home strong. #CantComplain grin


Tourmalet & Luz Ardiden from today's ride. Disclaimer: some from earlier in the week but looked the same today wink