Neighbour has vicious new guard dog. Almost lost a limb today & thankful that gate is there! wink Soooooooooooo Cute grin


Countryside walkies. It's 'walkies' as neighbour's dog decided to tag along. She's smart, knows not to chase cows! smile


Someone had a wonderful time playing in fields & the stream by the road today. Why dog folk can't have nice cars! wink


After a large lunch on a warm day nice to go for a walk in a wonderful, shady, cool forest. Lovely and quiet. Magic!


Ever been so hot & thirsty you'd lay in a muddy puddle & drink from it? What chasing deer for hours does to dogs! wink


Walkies at Col des Palomières. View behind to the North as you can't see the mountains to the South from here. Doh!


Out in the woods next to 'home' with the dogs. One is too shy for photos, the other clearly an attention seeker! wink


Fango the Weimaraner (think that's what he is). Full of energy, that's for sure! Lucky his garden is a vineyard! grin


The Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Very big & smart & protective. Also very friendly & fluffy & cuddly... luckily! wink


Very well behaved farm dog, just sitting outside the kitchen & watching on. Looked pretty funny from the restaurant!