Today's ride: Beautiful trundle through autumn colours, inc. this section of forest dirt. Yes planned, not lost! tongue


One of our usual walks from home 'in the forest'. You can just about make out our village church on the ridge there.


Little forest walk to the shore of Brombachsee.


Today's ride: big col stats (100km/1,800m+ vertical) sans big col. Cruising endless miles of empty roads like this.


Strolling through woods this arvo. Autumn is coming... but these trees are putting up a fight smile


Wondering around in the woods near Payolle. Still pretty warm in the sun so it's nice to be in this shade.


Woodland walk this evening. A little bit late in the year for flowers, but there's still some colour in here.


After a large lunch on a warm day nice to go for a walk in a wonderful, shady, cool forest. Lovely and quiet. Magic!


Out in the woods next to 'home' with the dogs. One is too shy for photos, the other clearly an attention seeker! wink


Few random hillsides we passed. Amazing how locals get terraces on these. Was same (or even more crazy) around Bromo.


More than just a waterfall - short but nice forest walk to get there. Too short really though, I'd gladly see more.


Wasn't all mountains & lakes, we also passed some beautiful green forest & streams. Today really did have everything!


Evening walk near Holzleiten. Very nice, but sadly the light was poor so a chance to mess around with HDR smile