Onwards & upwards as they say! Last part of today's hike via Windegghutte. Few chains on this climb. Awesome route!


Short & sometimes steep hike up to the Trift Bridge. So lucky it turned out nice smile Sure, this is pretty, but wait...


Rain & fog cleared by noon so: so much for a rest day. Mind you, this little forest hike was still pretty relaxing smile


Lac de Gaube & Pont d'Espagne - always incredible! Perfect weather. Saw a few marmots but to slow for a pic - doh!


Beautiful La Peyre & Croix de Beliou. Sunny but 0C with 60kph wind & snowfields. To think I almost wore shorts! grin wink


Hike up to Refuge de Larribet. Lots of beautiful crystal clear water. Survived herds of wild animals intact! Phew! wink


Hike Col de Moulata to Hourquette d'Ouscouaou & snowline - ahem - wink Spectacular views. Picnic. Sunny perfection! smile


Today's stroll, only 10 mins from home, Courades de Bazust. Nice to be back doing close to 'proper' hiking smile


Little walk up the hill from Bagneres-de-Bigorre. Col du Bedat. Lovely having a local guide to show the way. Thx! smile


So... the alternate walking route from Pont d'Espagne up to Lac de Gaube. Almost as pretty as the summer path?


Random hike up a nearby hill: Plateau d'Esquiou. Pratiwi said was a bit steep near the top. But it's a plateau! wink tongue


Afternoon stroll: Col de Beyrede to ridge above. Just made snow line. Spectacular & one of the best short walks here!


Hike to Estany de Gerber, past another two smaller lakes. This pretty high up in the Spanish Pyrenees, around 2150m.


Random walkies just up the hill from Gerde. Lovely shady track is good as it's pretty warm this evening.


As we're here: short walk up to the ridge & back. Funny how the cows pick a spot with the best view to relax, huh? wink


Well... they almost got the timing right wink Not bad for a bunch of old folk taking it nice & easy though! grin


Hallooooooooo... Apakah anda ingin bergabung dengan saya sebagai kari kambing? tongue grin wink


Most of this has been downhill... until now. One small bump to get over to reach the village at the end of the trail.


Having fun in Cares Gorge. Perfect day for a hike! grin


Continuing on... Getting a little sun in this deep gorge in the afternoon was very welcome! Amazing place!


Starting out on walk through Cares Gorge. Bit cold, dark & damp in the opening section despite being close to noon.


Hike up to Lac d'Oô. Lovely autumn colours & beautiful views. Pratiwi being brave with the locals too. Mooooo! wink


Won't say the hike back was bad. Views to the coast after all! Just think it will take time to get over Preikestolen!


This is just the path on the way to Preikestolen. You don't want to stumble to the left here! wink


This cliff is hidden from view on the hike up. The "Holy crap!" feeling of stepping round the corner here is awesome!


The hike up to Preikestolen is pretty nice in it's own right. But as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!...


Rest of the hike up to Vesterasfjellet lookout. Nice easy walk & well worth it. Someone enjoyed walking with goats wink


Start of short hike up to Vesterasfjellet. We had to go by the 'waterfall steps' again. Much better with sunshine smile


Not really best way to finish an all day hike: slippery roots galore on a very steep slope! Still an epic day though!


Pratiwi negotiating part of the, "It's not dangerous, honest!" section. To be fair, it's not as bad as it looks wink


Almost at Andalsnes? Erm, not yet! The hike is longer than you'd think! Run out of superlatives to describe the view!


End of 'tricky' stuff? Was a trail register to sign off here, but plenty of scope to fall off cliffs still ahead! wink


A look back at where we came from... and on to where we're going. Still a lot of hiking left in the day!


Another look to the Rauma Valley side. We had to put up with variations on this view practically all day. Tough! wink


Approaching one of the peaks on Romsdalseggen ridge. Forgot to take a shot of the sign & don't recall which one. Doh!


This is the view North-east-ish from Romsdalseggen ridge. Pretty, but nothing compared to the Rauma valley side.


Ridge was maybe 1m wide here. So mid-stride look straight down through fisheye lens. Just sharing the experience! grin


Hiking along rather slim ridge with the aid of chains. I enjoyed this but someone else said it was scary. Pfft wink tongue


Looking along Romsdalseggen ridge. Dots of other hikers maybe just visible on the edge. This is where we're heading.


On the Romsdalseggen ridge. All smiles now the mist has cleared smile


Arriving on the ridge, we were greeted with mist rolling up from the valley. So much for that view I thought... sad


First part of the Romsdalseggen hike: climbing up to the ridge. Lots of snow at the top but still arrived sweaty!


Short(ish) hike up the hill (Milthaugen I think) behind campsite. Bit misty and wet at the top! Still fun though smile


Short hike up to Roche des vieux chevaux (great views down to the site we're staying at) & Lac de Lispach.


Short walk to Irrel 'waterfalls'. Pretty little river in the woods but hardly a waterfall. Rapids maybe? Still nice.


Red Screes hike. Views almost to the coast, down to Ambleside & lake Windermere. Think we were bit lucky to stay dry!


Hiking on Loughrigg Fell. Challenging light for pics. Flat as a pancake... unlike the hike. Was blowing a gale too!


Today's activity: a 15km walk in constant rain. Welcome to England! I admit it had it's moments. More pics to come smile


Pratiwi was dreaming of splashing about in a mountain stream all day. Brrr, icy! I showed her how to relax instead wink


Heading back to the start. These views are even better when you don't have to keep turning round to look at them! smile