First spotted on Hautacam in 2014... authorities bust our inflatable kangaroo for overstaying his visa! #harsh sad wink


TdF time! Always entertaining smile No pictures of the actual race because I was too busy watching & waving the 'roo! grin


Few Tour de Yorkshire pics. I said to local reporter (asking about Aussie connection) it's not the Tour de France! sad


After a big day out, time for some rest. Some of us are even - dare I say - feeling a little deflated! #BoomTish grin


Heading down to team buses, along with everyone else! You go to small races to meet riders & not Le Tour! #NotAChance


@vincenzonibali cool as a cucumber as the peloton passed. Teammate Fulsgang, 3 minutes down after a job well done.


Much amusement was had when inflatable walrus met inflatable kangaroo. And yes - we kept it clean! wink


At a sports event show your colours. Aussies go down better in France than Brits (funny that!), so let's go that way!


Pratiwi on the walk up Hautacam & shady bank where we chose to wait. Great spot. Pays to start early (9am at bottom).