My first attempt at jamón slicing. Should be thinner, but still tasted great. More practice required. On no! wink tongue


I did say we couldn't get a whole leg due to lack of slicing equipment in the snail. Lucky we're visiting friends! smile


So now the girls have finished messing about (ahem!!), it's time to get serious. Hand me a knife! grin


I'm sure jamón slicing is a very earnest business... just no-one thought to tell these two! wink Oh dear! grin


Not all jamón here is cheap. This 440€ leg most expensive I could find. 49/kg? Anyone in Sydney want to comment? wink


Spanish supermarket: Jamón a serious business here! There's a guy hand slicing it for your tasting pleasure too smile


The Spanish like a little ham it seems. Sadly we have to pass due to lack of slicing paraphernalia in the snail! cry