When in Provence... grin 3° up top + 70kph wind chill equals completely numb fingers on the descent. Fun times! wink grin


Looking South from the hills above Apt. There's Mt Ventoux in it's winter coat. No cycling up there for a while now!


A glorious day here to head back up Mt Ventoux. Could actually see something other than cloud at the top! smile


Ideally the tower on Ventoux should be silhouetted by this 'super moon' but it wasn't to be. Oh well - next time wink


Le Mont Ventoux. Last snow of spring in the last light of day.


For those curious as to why I haven't mentioned riding Mont Ventoux yet... the view from our bedroom explains it wink


Evening arrival at our 2nd gite. View from the bedroom shows Ventoux shrouded in cloud. Other hills look nice too! grin