Sublime meal at O Trigueirinho (Alfama). Garlic pork out of this world. Amazing food for silly small money! Loved it!


Happy (early) BD to me! smile Celebrating day before to avoid weekend crowds. Always great food in a local fave. Nom! tongue


Post ride lunch: filet mignon, roasties & one of my favourite beers. Feels like it's my birthday! grin Nom, nom, nom tongue


Dinner in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Pork with awesome crackling, apple something dessert & more beer of course. Prost!


Little trip to market today. We didn't pick up much, but how good does this slab of pork look? grin Nom, nom, nom tongue


Just 'dropped in' to friends in Germany & completely spoiled again. Thank you guys, best pork ever! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Dinner at Wen Chow in Maastricht. OMG! Best crispy roast pork ever! smile tongue


Lunch stop at 'Depot Betty' as we head North. Really great food & nicely priced as is away from tourist spots smile tongue


Ordered pork for dinner. Didn't expect a ΒΌ pig! Can't move now, don't suppose giant bowl of gnocchi helped. Burp! wink