Midday stroll up a random hill. What a view! I can see the pub, erm, auberge from here too! Next stop lunch then! smile


Descent from Bielsa tunnel into France. Welcome home smile Nice drive up other side in Spring sunshine but no pics. Doh!


Riding through stunning autumn colours. Sometimes not all about the mountains, though they do look amazing today too!


Beautiful day for big cols but August weekend means lots of tourist traffic up there. 105km in the foothills instead!


Mates teasing me about lack of MTB action, so here you go: Bike. Dirt. Mountains! wink Just another day in paradise smile


Taking short break just a couple of valleys over involves driving up & over cols. Always great views from the road smile


Today's ride: just a little local spin in the foothills. What a day for it though! smile


Today's ride: what's wrong with this picture? Answer: not much! grin Beautiful spin even if a little 'lost' at times wink


Hike Col de Moulata to Hourquette d'Ouscouaou & snowline - ahem - wink Spectacular views. Picnic. Sunny perfection! smile


Licensed to... erm... 'take a brief trip close to home for individual physical activity' wink Beautiful day for it grin


Another amazing day for a ride. Jan/Feb this year been rubbish skiing but awesome on the bike! Swings/roundabouts wink


Today's ride: MTB spin in beautiful sunshine. 30km loop from home. Easy bar the 1km of vertical that came with wink


What. A. Day!!!! Couple of ski days in the legs this week but they seemed to go OK - bonus! grin


At last - cycling in Sunshine! Stunning autumn colours have been hiding most of the month but today all was forgiven.


Spectacular morning to be riding the Pyrenean foothills... 'nuff said.


Cruise round the Argeles-Gazost valley this morning. Beautiful view as ever from Saint-Savin & perfect conditions smile


Yesterday I skied over 8000m vertical in the mountains in the background. Today riding in full summer kit. Love it smile


Pyrenees MTB: 13km@7.5% average. Outstanding view & brutal when out of shape! Time to smell flowers on the descent wink


Cruising hills just North of home. Mostly firetrail. Bit of sniggle. But hey, it's dirt & the views are magnificent!


Great to be back on the MTB! Almost 4 years since I last touched those bikes & they ride like new! wink Incredible! grin


Been too quiet lately & while things are looking up short walk is as hardcore as it gets ATM. View beautiful as ever.


Goldern Hour. If only there was somewhere close we knew we could pass by to snap the crazy clouds this evening wink


Might be a bit nippy today, but makes for some crazy clouds up in the high stuff. Love the ever changing views here.


Chauffeured home after Indo lunch with guest appearance by a gallon of Sangria wink Life's good this side of the car smile


Chilling out on a Sunday morning. Lovely little ride and beautiful conditions too. What's not to love? smile :)


Out riding 'early' as classics season starts today. Thought it might be a hardship to ride early but... erm... no! wink


Random capture from a late afternoon stroll down the road. #Beautiful #Tranquil #Relaxing #Pyrenees


Random hike up a nearby hill: Plateau d'Esquiou. Pratiwi said was a bit steep near the top. But it's a plateau! wink tongue


We pass here all the time, but it's still worth a picture once in a while. That village below is Bagneres-de-Bigorre.


View from the terrace at our local golf club. Lucky one doesn't have to play or be a member to enjoy this smile Phew! wink


Today's ride: 'Sunny Tourist Loop'. While none of these roads are famous it's 'tourism' because I stopped for pics smile


Heading out to lunch with the local bike club. Random view on the trip there. Lovely & warm in the sunshine today smile


Another random countryside walk. More curious cattle. Such a relaxing time smile


Up early today. Things to do & all that! If you had to work in this area this would be your daily commute. Yerch! wink


I often ride by this little church but today just couldn't help but stop to take a shot to share the view. Fabulous!


First day of Autumn in the Pyrenees. Lovely misty view along the range on an evening wonder around the foothills.


Entering Val d'Aran from Port de la Bonaigua. One of the best parts of the Spanish Pyrenees we've seen. So beautiful.


Same spot as last post, but this is the following morning. Another spectacular day in the mountains begins smile


Random summer evening view in the Pyrenees.


Toasty today at 34° in the Baronnies! View back to the snowy peaks from near Capvern. Hmmmmmm.... snnnnooooowwwwww wink


What passes for an easy local loop these days wink Couple of hours smashing round beautiful, empty roads like this! grin


Rest day stroll. Got a little carried away & ended up going 8km to the next village & source of the Crastes. Oops wink


Today's ride: foothills then Chiroulet, which is in the valley between the 2 main peaks in 1st pic. Beautiful day smile


First evening back in the Pyrenees. Little walk around the new neighbourhood & introductions with the locals. Mooooo!


A few pictures while wondering the Pyrenees foothills today. Lovely here, isn't it? grin


A little further up the hill... feels like a scene out of The Sound of Music! wink So beautiful here grin


Not-so-random - ask me why wink - walk in the Pyrenean foothills. Doesn't feel much like winter here!


Merry Xmas from the French Pyrenees! Still cycling weather here! Nice ride means guilt free gluttony is coming! tongue wink


Afternoon walk in tee shirt weather. Glorious! Spoke to a local who'd been skiing already. Great place to live! grin wink


Another day, another spectacular view to wake up to... [sigh]...