Outrageously good dinner tonight. Soooo good & so much too. Had to take a doggy bag which was our lunch the next day!


Lots of fun at the TdF today, a highlight is meeting Didi The Devil just before the Aspin climb. What a character! grin


Helping friends collect cherries from this beautiful tree in their yard. Yuuuuuum! tongue


Salt on jersey is normal but I took ass-sweat to whole new level today wink 100km Tourmalet loop & still 30° at 1700m!


I never do coffee stops but beer & pizza is mid-ride break I can get behind wink 122km & Hautacam PR today. Love it! grin


Rest day done right: just lounging around our 'garden' - aka. the campsite wink - in the evening sunshine. Ahhhhh... smile


First Tourmalet ascent of the year. Last 3km closed to cars, but not bikes! grin As usual, sucks to be a car driver! tongue


Cyclists should know this guy: He spends summer atop Col du Tourmalet but prefers to winter in the valley it seems wink


Post ride snack. Despite it being a bit nippy up Ventoux looks like I got a bit sweaty somewhere on today's route! wink


Rosbif lunch. Désolé monsieur, it's better in the UK wink Mousse for dessert was to die for though. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Dessert time: Black Forest gâteau & more local beer. Like there's another choice?! Love a bakery that serves beer! grin


Hearty lunch under dappled shade in a beer garden next to the Abbey & old brewery where that beer originates. Cheers!


I did say we couldn't get a whole leg due to lack of slicing equipment in the snail. Lucky we're visiting friends! smile


So now the girls have finished messing about (ahem!!), it's time to get serious. Hand me a knife! grin


Lunch in Villajoyosa. 12€ menu included a 'small' glass of sangria. This & my entrée the highlights. Yum! tongue smile


Post ride snack. Pratiwi asked, "Are you going to eat all that?!" Erm... what do you think?! tongue #NaughtyPuppyLook wink


Does this really need a caption? wink Just messing about while enjoying a few pre-dinner snacks smile tongue


After lunch... time to try the local wares while we sit & watch the world go by. Just a lovely afternoon.


When in Spain: tapas lunch in Santiago de Compostela. Followed by ice cream for some reason... even though it's cold!


Chores around the home are never ending! wink All round clean for the snail today. Nice & easy with the terrace here grin


Little 'recovery' ride this morning wink Climbed Portillion to Spain then Peyresourde. Love, love, love the Pyrenees!


Few drinks & a wonderful lunch by the canal in Amsterdam. It is really very nice here on a day like this. Cheers! grin


Might have got a bit sweaty on today's ride wink Only drank 2.5 bottles in 3.5 hours though as it's not very hot here!


I knew this crate of beer would come in useful some day! wink Cleaning the awning by Geirangerfjord.


Cruising the fjords. Impossibly beautiful & absolutely brutal gradients - especially when you do repeats! wink Love it!


Rode from fjord 1,500m up to Dalsnibba, where on a clear day should be able to see the start. Not today, too misty sad


Told you I'd get a chance to try the new gear. Just back from few hours walking in the rain. Dry as a bone. Love it!


Parked up just over the river from the Troll Wall. Already seen couple of avalanches as last of the snow melts. Epic!


Host: "I'm sorry. This is all we have!" cry *A standard joke in Indonesia, no matter how lavish the meal wink Yum! tongue


So... we have this bubbly to drink but no champagne flutes. Problem? No... not really wink Yes... it's all class! tongue


Just relaxing in the lounge wink Love the comfy recliner chairs. My feet are up on the sofa but you can't see that grin


Belgium dinner: Trappist beer & Flemish Stew. Soooo good! Was absolutely stuffed after this... & half of Pratiwi's wink


Catching up in London. Sydney must be expensive now as the cost of a pint in poncy City bar seemed rather reasonable!


Lunch at Royal China in Bayswater. Deep fried duck rolls. Say. No. More! Plus other goodies. Yuuuum! tongue :P tongue


Some sights of York before lunch by the river while entertained by local wildlife. Then short stroll on walls. Nice!


Walk into town deserves a treat, right? Beers & dinner in the White Lion, Ambleside. Challenging, but I managed wink tongue


Late lunch/early dinner in Brugge. Flemish Stew & trappist beer. Yum! tongue Oh... and some of Pratiwi's moule frites wink


Pratiwi: "Want any sunscreen?" Me: "Where am I not covered?!" Arctic gales on today's ride, but still fun #Painful wink


So it's after lunch & things are warming up... beer o'clock... at last! wink grin


Dinner at Greek restaurant in Germany. Confused & didn't know what we were ordering but was tasty when it arrived! tongue


Well... that's the afternoon sorted then! wink How's this for an infinite edge pool? Straight into a rainforest canopy!


Looking at Pratiwi was a bit hot arriving at Maya Ubud! Thankful for an upgrade w/private plunge pool. Ah... cooling!


Whilst in Ubud we must have an obligatory lunch stop at Ibu Oka. Hmmmm... babi guling! smile tongue


Someone told us that if you can touch one of the enclosed Buddhas & make a wish it will be granted. Here's hoping! grin


Dinner & shopping in Phuket Town. But mostly dinner. Finished off with durian & beer (yes, beer) from a local grocer.


Little stroll before pre-dinner drinks, Kamala beach. It's pretty small as I managed to jog end to end this morning!


Space for 3 more bikes & year's worth of luggage? Pratiwi didn't think it would fit. But with a little magic: Yes! grin


Just back from cycling. GPS says it was 35° out. Phew! Pratiwi thought she'd have some fun while I stretch: Bliss!


Lunch in Placa Reial. It's Spain so paella on the menu despite temps in the late 30s. Sizzle! Lucky there's beer too!