Lunch above clearing clouds @ Refuge Orisson. Great steak & Gateau Basque - of course - nom! tongue Fantastic experience!


Dinner @ the Gouaillardeu again. Pratiwi ordered Couilles de Mouton. Erm... OK, but think I'll stick to steak! Yum tongue


When a buddy from Aus drops by for 48 hours. Not that I want to encourage anyone else... but bloody good time! wink grin


Two nights in San Sebastian: Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, shop, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat. Yes: *two* nights! wink grin


More pintxos & sangria for the girls, beer & steak for me! Luuurve Basque food! PS. this is smallest cut on the menu!


Galeries Lafayette Gourmet: beautiful food at silly prices. Couldn't choose between the meats so left empty handed wink


We came to this place for the tapas, but could be worth another visit to try the steak. One of the smaller ones!


No lens or perspective trickery here. That's just one bloody big steak! So tasty! Nom, nom, nom... nom... nom! wink tongue


Lunch at Asador Llorente, Potes. Yum! And most of these dishes are entrées! We all left feeling a little stuffed! tongue