Good & sunny today so how did my legs get covered in mud working outside? Sweat + dust = mud? Hmmmmmmmm... nice! wink


Salt on jersey is normal but I took ass-sweat to whole new level today wink 100km Tourmalet loop & still 30° at 1700m!


Post ride snack. Despite it being a bit nippy up Ventoux looks like I got a bit sweaty somewhere on today's route! wink


Might have got a bit sweaty on today's ride wink Only drank 2.5 bottles in 3.5 hours though as it's not very hot here!


Wore a thermal on today's midday ride. First time this year. It was chilly, but somehow still managed to sweat a bit!


For poms who cry in 20° heat: my jersey after today's ride - & it's in this state a lot! GPS says 36° max. Nice! wink


What a day, I might have lost a few fluids so time to re-hydrate! Imagine if it was actually hot & sunny!? wink grin