Easy morning ride through vineyards & villages of southern Bourgogne. Impressive monastery in Rimont. Lovely area.


Today's dawn ride: river Rhone, sheep, canals, Lac du Bourget, a tiny chapel, col du Chat & Jongieux vinyards. Phew!


Jolly to Saint Mont for a little degustation du vin today. Lovely area. Thanks to the chauffeur team for driving smile


Second ride of the day: short cool down with Pratiwi, who also tried #HaySurfing for the first time wink Not bad! grin


Waking up between vines in Provence... feels pretty good to be back on the road!


Sunrise from a German vineyard. You have to love the random parking spots they lay on around here (Rhine valley).


Ride from the Med coast up brutal climb (20%+ ramps), past vineyards, a castle & lakes. You know, the usual stuff wink


Waking up next to vines is very nice too! Think we paid 5EUR for privilege & got a free bottle of wine thrown in! grin


When I say we've been getting the chance to park by vineyards, I mean: right next to them! Nice evening for it too!


Post ride beer. In a vineyard. Feels a little wrong, but, meh! tongue Top beer recommendation BTW. Lot of variety here smile


Great spot tonight, between the vines just South of Frankfurt. Lovely evening too so can see the city to the North.


Driving around German countryside. Vines looking a bit bare, but still lovely here. This is just above Birkweiler.


An unkept vineyard? In Autumn? On a sunny day? Sounds more like a photo op to me!


Love autumn colours in the vineyards. Great views everywhere in Tuscany at the mo. Well - year round I'm guessing!