Rob's Puzzle Page

Hi, and welcome to my puzzle page.

Be prepared to be amazed and astounded (yeah - right!!).

I can't claim to have thought any of this up myself... there're just interesting (hmmm?) bits and peices I've come across over the years.

Now That's (not really) Magic

I don't really go for magic much, as most of the so called stuff on TV isn't, but what you come across an internet server that can perform tricks, you have to share the URL.

Hop over to the Magic Rabbit's site:

Then pick one of the Mysterious Rabbit tricks to see him do his stuff.

OK, so we all know it's not magic, if you can't work it out drop me a line and I'll let you in on the secret.

That's Effing Clever That Is!

Here's a little test that's pretty tricky.

It's an obvious question, so don't think about this one too hard before checking the answer. You might be amazed!

The Flashlight Puzzle

Now this seems impossible at first...

... but will you think about it long enough to find the answer?

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