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Travel Diary

This section is supposed to keep my friends at home in the UK informed about what I've been up to since I left at the end of 1997.

Basically, it's to save them from a load of email from myself informing them of what I've been up to. They can just come here and check out the exciting news whenever they feel the need instead.

So, when did you last read it?


And here's a page dedicated to Australia - stuff that really doesn't fit in the above, including John Egan's outback gallery.

Something Sporty

Inline Skating

Inline skating is definitely cool... tried it for the first time summer 1997 and loved it.

There are many places in London to skate, many of them mentioned in the R.S.S.inline FAQ, I've also discovered Victoria Park, in the East end to be a good place to skate, read about it here.

Of course, now one is living in Sydney this isn't really relevant. Sadly Centennial Park is about the best place to practice around here... must find out if there's any better places sometime!


I used to play squash quiet a lot, and loved it. Sad to say though it's not the best for one's joints and a dicky hip has forced me into retirement (the knees were probably not too far behind so perhaps this isn't such a bad thing). I do miss it occasionally, but am now cycling a lot as main fitness regime (see below). There are some old links and stuff lying around here are some resources you may find useful.

And The More Exotic

In (vague) order of how often I get to do them, other more exotic (or extreme) sports I like are:
  • Mountain Biking - check out Northern Beaches MTB Group
  • Surfing (well - I try!)
  • Scuba Diving
  • Skiing
  • Parachute Jumping
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Jetboating
  • Paragliding
  • Gliding
OK, OK... so aside from the top few (above parachute jumping) I only tried these once or twice ;-) but I did really like and I'd do more if not for money/time constraints - I'd like to do some freefall if I can find the time (want to do an AFF course - none of this being tied to someone else rubbish!). Might do some bungee the next time I am somewhere appropriate... dunno right now.


Some freeware/open source related stuff, including SquirrelMail plugins.


Come this way for a small collection of puzzles that may confuse, amaze and confound you.

Oh... and if you find them too easy... have a few beers first the next time!

Not really a puzzle, but sort of perhaps fits here. Check out the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire page.


Almost nerdy enough to go in the next section, but not quiet ;-)

When I have a camera online it will appear here.

Internet Nerd Stuff...



I use Yahoo! Messenger. Click the icon to send me an instant message.

Powered By

A little bit about what makes this site tick can be found in the Powered By page.


The scourge of the 'net... here's what we do to ditch that trash here.

Oh, sorry, Mr Spammer - these are all well known and you can't get round them all, eh? Tough break sonnie!


RSS feeds seem to be getting more popular so why not join the bandwagon? Given my page building system you can actually take an RSS feed from any page on this site, but that would be pretty pointless ;-)

Here's a few vaugly useful ones:

Of course, you can see the 'items' value in the request can be manipulated to return as many (or few) items as requred.


Tools & Services on offer here at Including details of how to get an email address on this domain, and a browser interface to the logresolve utility.


Check out the latest usage stats for this web site. Now as generated by a little PHP script I knocked up.

Looking at these, I'd say about 0.000001% of internet users have been here :-(


My bookmarks... not very up to date, but they make a handy reference for me at least.


And, of course... the obligatory links page.

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