In tiny village shop buying cheese. Wanted 300g, owner took knife & asked me to direct his cut. So I did & slice came to 292g #HumanScale wink


Campaign poster spotted outside a local polling place... oh dear... wink


Might look a bit cloudy, but beautiful up the Aspin today smile Game of 'Dodge the Cows' necessary on descent too wink


We stopped by field of cows today. Some looked over so I shouted, "Bonjour!" & rest turned to see too. They all seemed so confused. Why!? wink


Everyone here is so generous. New friends invited us to wonderful lunch. Amazing food & so entertaining! grin #SoLucky


Time to move on tomorrow. Evening meal with landlady, family & guests was a wonderfully hospitable send off. Thx! smile


Clearly it's hard being a foal! We pass this horse nursery often & 90% of the time the young are asleep. So cute!


Easy like Sunday morning?! wink Oh, & the fingerprint scanner on my phone doesn't work any more! #NoFingerprintsLeft sad


TFI Friday... wink Friend's BD celebration at local golf club. They have proper pints here! View's not bad either! grin


Remember that cold snap yesterday? Nah, us neither! wink Wonderful evening at Golf de Bigorre smile


Goldern Hour. If only there was somewhere close we knew we could pass by to snap the crazy clouds this evening wink


Might be a bit nippy today, but makes for some crazy clouds up in the high stuff. Love the ever changing views here.


Chatted to a nice Dutch couple this morning. They said my English was very good. Who'd have thought! wink


Hmmmmmmm... bit of a cold snap in Europe. Lucky it's only going to last couple of days!


Felt my 1st earthquake just now. Only few km away. Er, cool? #DidTheGroundMoveForYouToo #ShouldNotJokeAboutThisStuff http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthqu...


Hmmmmm... left over filet mignon & sautéed potatoes for breakfast. How bourgeois! Nom, nom, nom! tongue #SorryNoPicture #AllGone


Nothing like first Tourmalet of the year to clear the effects of a weekend of slight excess wink Lovely day for it! grin


Chauffeured home after Indo lunch with guest appearance by a gallon of Sangria wink Life's good this side of the car smile


Little walk up the hill from Bagneres-de-Bigorre. Col du Bedat. Lovely having a local guide to show the way. Thx! smile


Living like a king! Another wonderful dinner with some overly generous friends. Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue Thankyou! grin


Nothing but the sound of birds singing, the occasional bee buzzing by & distance cowbells. Such a relaxing stroll smile


Earlier than I would normally go, but lovely ride this morning all the same. Luckily made correct clothing choice wink


I guess life can't be that bad when trickiest decision to make today is what layers to wear riding as it's nippy out but sun is coming... wink


And they're rolling. Glad I got my Sunday ride in early as it must be beer o'clock! wink Cheers! grin tongue #ParisRoubaix


Chilling out on a Sunday morning. Lovely little ride and beautiful conditions too. What's not to love? smile :)


Early ride to work up thirst pre-Paris–Roubaix. Accidentally better than planned... forgot the bidons! #Winning wink


Spectacular day on the bike. Loop over the Aspin with this amazing view of the Baronnies on the way home. Perfect! smile


Mixed entrée, Indonesian main & French desert. Another tough Sunday afternoon! wink Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Pratiwi: look! Cute lambs! Pleeease take a picture. Me: pulls out phone (too slowly). Gets shot of sheep ass. Doh! wink


Neighbour has vicious new guard dog. Almost lost a limb today & thankful that gate is there! wink Soooooooooooo Cute grin


Expensive end of supermarket wine shelf. But note security tag isn't on the really pricy stuff. Doh! #FrenchLogic wink


Simple chicken dish: drizzle in olive oil, little salt & pepper then bake. Use bread to soak up the juices. Yum! tongue


70% off Grimbergen? Oh, go on then! grin And no, not out of date - got a year to finish the two cases. Tricky! wink tongue


Spectacular winter's day (yes - still winter!) on the Aspin. First ride in shorts for ages & it's up here! Toasty! grin


Spring is coming! smile


"Most Americans think climate change is happening - to somebody else" What planet are they on?! #SadlyNotAJoke sad http://www.treehugger.com/enviro...


Another glorious day to be out on the bike. Spring is certainly on the way! smile


Why I don't 'like' much: Facebook ‘like’ is “potent weapon”. It “tells you all about an individual & how to convince them" #YouAreTheProduct


Good as winning the lottery in France: walking into a boulangerie just as fresh bread comes out of the oven. Yum! tongue


@Ikea hob extractor manual: "... should be installed away from... heat sources". So it can't be fitted above a hob, right? #Doh #EpicFail wink


Had a couple of beers waiting on #kbk & now not sure if I should have more or some wine with lunch. Tricky decision! Why is life so hard! wink


Following from my previous update. Yes... well... was there really any choice? wink Cheers! tongue grin


In a bar drinking beer & watching football. Feels like such a novelty! wink Nice selection of brews here! Cheers! grin


Out riding 'early' as classics season starts today. Thought it might be a hardship to ride early but... erm... no! wink


Dear Google, I haven't lived in London for a while, but... Liverpool St to Queensway in 16 minutes? Sounds unlikely!


Today we made the 'mistake' of trying a very small ski station at a very busy time in very hot weather. Oh well... wink


Hmmmmmmm.... pizzaaaaaaaaa tongue :P tongue ... and some tartiflette for good measure. Burp! grin


Snowshoeing at Payolle. Fabulous day. Am not convinced odd footwear was required but it made things entertaining wink


Post skiing treats: Vin chaud & blueberry tart. Nom, nom, nom! tongue Oh, and coffee for someone else for some reason wink


XC Skiing at Payolle. Thank you Claire, our very patient guide, for showing the way. What a perfect day for it! smile