Belgium, Holland, Jul '12

Sadly this part of our jaunt through Europe was poorly planned so only had a couple of days to have a very quick look at Belgium and Holland.

I have to say, had forgotten how pleasant it was here. Although also rather cold (well - compared to the Southern climbs we've become used to) and all too flat.

Next time will have to stay longer, but for now...


Sightseeing in Brugge. Kindof medieval 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' wink Those shops smell gooooood! grin


Dinner in Brugge. Mussels & chips, with Leffe & Duval, then waffle with chocolate sauce & ice cream. What else?! tongue


Almost surreal lighting in Brugge after dinner. Amazing!


Bit of early morning action in Brugge. Dare I say, might even have been out a little too early? Shocker! wink


Stopped by Brussels for lunch in on/off sunshine & showers. Never ate here when was local, but now as a tourist... wink


Pratiwi was so happy to find an Indonesian restaurant here in Vaals. Great food! The Dutch colonial connection helps.


Dutch priorities on the roads... correct! Sad not to have time for a spin here, but it is flat & was chilly!