Paris long weekend - June '19

When you are asked to meet up in Paris with family flying in from Australia. Oh, OK then wink Not our favourite city but to be honest it grew on me a little this trip. No 'work' and mainly random tourist activities probably helped. As did warm summer days I guess. Although I'm sure plenty would say it was too warm in Paris at this time (it was quite toasty in parts!) - those people should live in Australia before making such complaints though wink


Local airport: front door to gate in 30 mins. Not that we fly much, but it's a bit handy. Not a bad view either smile


Arrive in Paris. Go directly to chinatown. Find restaurant in rather dodgy concourse below high-rise block. Enjoy! smile


Down by the Seine. Plenty of trendy looking bars. Must be where cool kids hang after dark. Let's move swiftly on! wink


Tourist stuff in Paris? Visit... erm... a plant shop? Seems there's stuff here we can't get at home? #AllGreenToMe wink


When in Paris? Hipster bars... pffft! Oh well, if we have to wink Cheers! grin


Paw-sing for a quick paw-trait. Love the bear-et but need a shave - in summer this bear-d is un-bear-able! grin grin grin


Parisian street scenes. Aka. a load of random pictures from our long weekend that don't fit with anything else wink


Random Parisian shop windows. Sorry... too many to explain!... Although, erm, mostly self explanatory TBH tongue


Messing about at the Opera... I have no idea why! wink


Galeries Lafayette Gourmet: beautiful food at silly prices. Couldn't choose between the meats so left empty handed wink


Even without festive decorations this place looks quite pretty I guess. Just don't but what you don't need, OK?


No idea what she's drinking, but I'll certainly be needing a bit more than this thimble of beer that just arrived! wink


The view from a budget parisian hotel. At least it's... erm... characterful? wink


Teenage visitor suggests we go see some big towery thing. Oh come on then... if we must! grin wink


Two shots of some towery thing in Paris taken just 13 minutes apart. Amazing!?! #TheMagicOfFilters wink


Dinner in Yaai Thai. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Hotel here is in quite a vibrant area. Artisan shop opposite set up a projector for the world cup. Allez les Bleus!


Today's boulangerie visits: but who chose most wisely? Coffee & swirl or chicken & avocado baguette? Nom, nom! tongue grin


Just a few 'edgy' Parisian street photos. Aka. graffiti & other stuff. Paris, in general, needs a good clean! sad


Pizza, pasta & the obligatory summer bucket of Hoegaarden. What's not to love? Cheers! grin


Summer sunset from the Pont Notre-Dame.


Sad, but why do vast donations flood to this place when there's precious little for even greater natural wonders? cry


Streets of Paris: loads of photogenic restaurants & bars. Shame there's only so much you can eat & drink! cry wink


Sights from the Pont des Arts. River & boats. Tourists & buskers. Dare I say, a beautiful summer's evening in Paris!


A very busy, rather warm (middle of heatwave) Palace of Versailles. Quite beautiful & very interesting all the same.


Palace of Versailles gardens. Slightly less crowded, slightly warmer. Nice stroll to Grand Trianon & back.


Supermarket refreshments: Hoegaarden (sorry, no bottles sad) & iced coffee. Will she never learn!? wink #BeerIsCheaper


When in Paris: have Korean food for dinner wink OMG, the most succulent chicken here! Nice beer too. Yum, top marks! tongue


After-dinner treats: tiramisu & beer! Cheers! Or nom, nom, nom? Or both?! wink


You know Paris hotels are notorious for small rooms? Goes for lifts too, we barely fit in this one! #TakeTheStairs wink


Parisien coffee stop. Coffee? Blergh! But at least you can't go wrong with the accompaniment in a patisserie smile


Sacre Coeur in Paris. Not often you see such beautiful light inside a church. Worth the climb up those steps! smile